Hey, gals! Long time not see. How have you been? Here my life has been a huge up and down and right now so many things are happening so to treat myself and considering that the shipping to the Netherlands is way cheaper, I decided to start buying again some stuff on Mercari and Aliexpress. Did you know that here we have 2 weeks shipping on Aliexpress? I've been ordering too many things and I still have many more on the way. Lol

So today I want to share with you all the gyaru things I got untill today. Because I also order a lot of yarns, stickers, tech and random stuff. Haha. But since we're on mid-season and last month was summer and now it's cold already, I decided to fill up my closet with more clothes. Or well, Wes closet haha.

 So first my Fril order: 
Wes and I order a lot of stuff, and I also took the opportunity to order some stuff for a friend of mine. Everything came pretty fast and I'm happy everything first perfectly.

This time I'm obssesed with three bands: Cecil McBee (I got that skort, and also another shorts I don't have the picture right now and OMG I've never had bottoms that fit me so perfectly), Liz Lisa / Liz Lisa Doll / Tralala (as you know Liz Lisa and sister brands will always be my fav) and d.i.a (just to feed my Tsuyome boom lol).

The only thing I didn't noticed is that the d.i.a pattern dress didn't have the lace to tie on the neck (maybe that's why it was so cheap haha). I just noticed that once that arrived, so I decided to get a gold glittery yarn and made the strips myself. Hear me, I'm proud of myself because they look awesome!

Oh! I also got a d.i.a one piece and a skort from Chris. But I haven't take pictures yet. I really need to make a TikTok trying on everything! I hope I can do that tomorrow while there's still some sun. 

 And my AliExpress orders! 
Some of them I ordered before coming here to be sure they will be here already when I arrive haha. And some others I ordered last month.

With this order I'm also super happy because almost everything fits. This time I was looking for casual clothes I could wear on some festivals or to film Kpop choreos. hehe The only thing I really needed was the tigh high boots because the ones I had at home broke some months ago. But it's ok, I had those boots for over 5 years and I also got them on AliExpress. 

The only thing that didn't fit was the first tee because it was a little bit too big, so I gave it to Sacha. 

Now I just have to wait for my next Mercari other hihi.