Hi, Gals! I was thinking a lot about doing or not this blogpost because I didn't want to be boring, but you know what? I'm doing it anyways. I'm excited for how my gal life is going recently and I've been doing many Gyaru things behind the scenes that I enjoy A LOT, so hello! How are you doing? ♡

Happy GALentines day everyone! Hope you had an amazing and safe day at home with your love ones. (•ө•)♡ I stayed at home like always but celebrating and treating myself with delicious food with my family.

For me Valentine's day is an extra special day because the day before is my parent's anniversary so we usually celebrate both days with a lot of food and gifts for them. But tbh I miss the times when I was a child and my father would give me presents for Valentines too. Lol. But this year was special because we were preparing everything the whole week and I also have an special one I wanted to send presents and thanks god everything arrived in time! (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)ﻭ So my plan was a success! But I also got some cute stuff.

Hi, Gals! So a few years ago I made a blog post about how to buy from Taobao in Spanish, so I thought it's maybe the time to do it in English because believe me, if you're not buying on Taobao, you're missing a lot of fun! Specially if you want to get discontinued designs from J-Fashion brands, mostly Himekaji, Agejo and Onee.

Taobao: https://world.taobao.com/

Where are my gals who don't have much hair and theirs is SUPER thin? Because I'm one of those and it's truly a nightmare. 🥺 I've always checked my favorite magazine like EGG or Ageha to look for hairstyle ideas but I generally don't have luck because I don't have much hair, I don't have exte and I'm still trying to learn to curl my hair properly. So I basically started to look for hairstyles for dummies because I have to accept I'm pretty useless for hairstyles and I really like to have my hair cute. So that's basically how I started checking the Larme magazine. Looking for hairstyles (and ngl some brands and little free gifts too haha)

So I'm not talking that much today, but I wanted to share with you easy hairstyles I found on the Larme Vol. that I think could work for cuter and more polished styles like Himekaji and Roma, but could even work for casual Agejo and Onee in some cases. 

Trying to motivate myself to make new coords, specially now that we're in summer and most of my clothes are perfect for this warm but chill weather, I've been wanting to wear my beige cowgal-ish boots with some looks. I already had a couple in mind, but sadly one it's still on its way to arrive and I just didn't have the mood for the other one (lol). But yay me, looking to ideas for a coord to wear on my last ParaPara video for the ギャル ♡ ParaPara!! International Project I remembered I had more items to mix and that's how this co*de was born.

It's funny because I've had this blouse and shorts for quite some time now but there's a point when you just forget the items you have and keep wearing the same every time (haha). I'm happy I found this and even more the that the weather was perfect to wear it.