Hey, gals! I still need to catch up on other blog posts I want to do and haven't any motivation to do it, but parenthesis to share this amazing photoshoot Wes and I had with a friend of mine, Nesu.


Hi, gals! Long time not here. Since the last Gyaru meme I’ve been super busy because I was planning my holidays and even if I thought I was going to be super free to post all i want, I’ve been so full of fun things to do that I was more focused on real life rather than social media. 

Kogal date after school! 🎓

Last week I wanted to travel abroad to visit my babe, but sadly I still can’t because I don’t have my second vaccine yet, so at last minute he made the desicion to come and being here with me. Σ(T□T)♡ How wonderful!

That’s why this last week we’ve been doing A LOT of stuff together traveling through the coast, but this weekend we had a chiller day for a kogal photoshoot and a date! I won’t release the photoshoot yet, but here there are some of the casual photos we took during the date and night! 


What a babe! (╯▽╰)
Hi, Gals! I'm happy to say we're starting this fun Gyaru 109 Month with a blogging challenge. Lately I've seen so many gals starting their oldschool blog that I really wanted to include some activities for bloggers too. Something chill and fun we can do at our own time if we're looking for inspiration and motivation to write. So today I'm starting with the: 

✰ Gyaru 109 Meme! ✰

Name / Gyaru nickname and country:
I'm Reila and I'm from Peru. 💗

Since when are you gyaru?
I consider myself Gyaru since June 1st, 2013. That was the first Harajuku Fashion Walk we had here and the first time I put together a complete Gyaru look. Or that’s how I felt, now I would do it different of course haha.

How did you discover the style?
I've told this story before, but it was 13 years ago when a friend of mine recommened me an GAV movie and one of the actors was gyaruo. I was shocked because it was the first time I saw a J-Fashion style where having a tan skin was seen as cool. After that I searched more about him and discovered he stopped acting and became a MEN's EGG model. So thanks to that I eventually landed on the EGG and decided to learn about Gyaru. ♡(●´∀`●)

Hiroki Okada, Men's EGG West (2010)
Hi, gals! It's been quite some time of sharing a casual gal'slife blog post. Lately I've been working on more educational content and the Gyaru 109 Month coming, but finally a couple of days ago we had a national holiday so I went out with a friend to celebrate Shawol's 13 th Anniversary! Which also means 13 years of friendship for us. ♡ Shawol is the name of SHINee's fandom. ♡ 

Hi, gals! ♡ The last months have been pretty overwhelming in social media, the gal community (j-fashion comm in general let me say), me organizing the Gyaru 109 Month and personal / work life don't help at all, so I decided to have a moment of reflexion to rest my mind and take a break before keep going on. That's why today I want to share with you:

5 things I learned thanks to being Gyaru for many years

I've been Gyaru since 8 years ago, however I discovered the style 13 years ago and since then I decided that's what I wanted for me. However at that moment I wasn't in the ideal moment of my life to start in the style, so the firsts years I did my best researching, practicing my makeup and learning more about j-fashion communities, so I could start 100% once I could afford it and I was independent enough to freely take my own decisions. And looking back, waiting for the right moment to actually be gal was a great decision I made.

Since then I've been learning and growing a lot. Specially having now Gyaru as my lifestyle. That's why I want to share with you a few things I've learned during this journey so maybe you can have a smoother one.

1. Your mental health should always go first.

I know this is SUPER obvious, yet one of the most difficult things to achieve and I still work on that every day of my life.

Hi, gals! Este mes he estado super full en el trabajo y me he estado haciendo varios chequeos porque mi salud no está al cien. Así que hoy decidí hacer un post más relajado para compartir algo bonis y tranquilo. Uno de los circle lenses que más me han gustado (pero que no sé si pueda volver a comprar). (ಥ﹏ಥ)

Debido a la pandemia casi todas las tiendas de circle lenses dejaron de hacer envíos a Perú y poco más de la mitad el primer año nuestro servicio postal no estuvo disponible, así que decidí probar por primera vez circle lenses japoneses porque esos me los mandaba mi shopping service a través de FedEx. Esta marca no tiene envíos internacionales, así que hice mis pedidos de Japón como generalmente lo hago con el shopping service y aproveché para incluir estos circle lenses de Candy Magic, una marca bastante popular y confiable. 
Si quieren saber cómo hacer pedidos de marcas japonesas, aquí tengo una guía: How to buy Japanese brands (Updated)