So~ Caly started her blog not so long ago and that's super good news because with that she's also scanning her magazines and making videos! How cool is that?! So this time I collabed with her to bring you a review of the second volume of the Soul Sister Magazine. \(^ヮ^)/

Hi, gals! Since last year aprox I've been building my wardrobe with my fav Ank Rouge prints (cherries and strawberries). I like them on Liz Lisa too, but there's somthing about Ank Rouge prints that make them look so fresh and cute! So with that in mind, I started to get their catalogues to trace the items I wanted to get and inspire myself to make more co*des! And following that today I share with you the Candy Shop Girl Collection ~ One of my very favorite ones! ♡

Hi, Gals! (*/▽\*)♡ If you thought going out to celebrate my birthday was all I did last weekend, you're wrong. Oopsie! In the Gal comm we have a Discord server where we chat and have activities from time to time and there are many clubs, but I must say the most active one is the Para Para Club, a club where I'm the leader and after being on hiatus for some time (because being active on the 109 server is exhausting too, that's why Discord is not for everyone) I thought it would be nice to pay more attention to our channel. And that's how we had this Para Para meetup!

Hi, gals! Thank you so much for your super lovely wishes this past friday on my birthday. I didn't expect them at all... Since I thought my birthday was private on my Facebook account haha. Last friday was crazy and even if I wanted to have a chill day in a happy mood, I spend the day working and pretty overwhelmed by everything however I had a way better weekend.

Crazy Saturday! (´꒳`)♡

Hey, gals! How was your weekend? ♡ I think this is the first time I make a post with no Gyaru makeup ( 〃▽〃) but I missed blogging casually so who cares? After a long week full of work I'm motivated to write. 

The past two weeks have been super busy and crazy here but finally everything is going back to normal and I have more time to create content again. I was missing Insta and my blog so much! I also had some videos I wanted to edit but I had to wait for that. Until today! (or tonight).

Last weekend I attended the cutest event ever organized by Himekaji Girls, our small community of... Himekaji girls. ( ̄▽ ̄)/ It's not the first time we have an event like this, I think it's the fourth but it was my first time joining them because I'm unlucky and I missed the other ones.

For this time the theme was a Fairytale Forest so we were suposed to dress for that. And that was a huge challenge for me because I don't know that much about the theme and I live surrounded by buildings. But at the end I had a super good idea. There's a forest I know which looks out of a fairytale that I really want to go. One that is on the other side of the world. So I decided to dress up as if I was going to take the cutest pictures there. (´,,•ω•,,)♡