Hi, gals! ♡ I've been wanting to do a hairstyles blog post since the one I did in the past with the inspiration I found in Larme magazine.

As you may know, I'm really bad at hairstyles so I just keep practising and trying to get better at it. I don't have much hair and it's really thin, so most Gyaru hairstyles are pretty complicated for me, and even more if I don't have extenssions. That's why I've been looking around for things that could work for this type for hair and ta-dah! Here you have another 5 easy himekaji hair styles! I'll leave here all the breakdowns of the looks as well. 

Simple curls + red bow

Liz Lisa replica dress: https://bit.ly/3y5l4tO
Red bow headband: (Taobao)

This is my go-to hairstyle. I have a bunch or headbands but this is my favorite for my current boom with red outfits. Specially because I can wear it with all my strawerry and cherry items. 

Two simple twists + strawberry clips

Liz Lisa replica dress: https://bit.ly/3y5l4tO
Ank Rouge cardigan (Fril)
Strawberry clips: https://bit.ly/36SMzdZ

When I have no time to braid my hair (or I'm wearing nails so my hair get stuck around my fingers ) I just twist my hair in two sections and voilá~ I add some clips and we're ready to go. 

Pigtails + quote ribbons

Floral dress: https://bit.ly/3rswsxv
Ank Rouge replica cardigan: https://bit.ly/2TtcUfE
Milk quote ribbon: https://bit.ly/3y1XFcP

I don't know if I mentioned it before but unlike most gals, I don't like to have my hair all over the place. That's one of the reasons I stropped wearing bangs and now I'm waiting for them to grow. I do prefer to have my hair tight in tails or braids, so for this I decided to do two pigtails. They look super cute with curls and the ribbons. 

Puffy twin braids + white ribbons

Floral dress: https://bit.ly/3rswsxv
Ank Rouge replica cardigan: https://bit.ly/2TtcUfE
White ribbons: https://bit.ly/3y2ihl0

My beloved braids! This is what I do when I had no time to wash my hair haha. Sometimes I do some regular puffy braids that used to be super popular in Larme and decorate them with ribbons (I got them in pink and white because I'm one of those who buy many colors of the same thing ). And when I have more time I do some French braids. 

Beret with ribbon and pearls

Floral dress: https://bit.ly/3rswsxv
Ank Rouge replica cardigan: https://bit.ly/2TtcUfE

And another simple hairstyle I do on emergency situations and when I don't know what do to with my hair.  In Himekaji and Onee all kind of hats are really popular so I like to add them to my codes every time I can. I personally got a bunch of berets some time ago, but I was always in love those this kind of berets with decorations I used to see really often in Lolitas~ So I got it! 

And that's it for today! I hope you found inspiration in this blog post.  It was super fun to do it in collab with Yoybuy because that's where I always get my Taobao items everytime I want to get accesories or Gyaru pieces I can't find second-hand anymore.

I did a updated guide to buy from Taobao in the past, in case you want to give it a try too. And thanks to Yoybuy, I can share with you all a US$60 coupon on your first order. 


Hi, gals! ♡ Some time ago I made a video about what Gyaru is and is not on Tiktok. This brought doubts and misconceptions about the style from people who don't know about Gyaru (clearly), but also from people who would love to start in Gyaru but don't know how or where to find reliable information because we know outsiders and Wikipedia are the worst sources, so I decided to do this blog post with  information for you to know what Gyaru actually is and to leave more resources from other gal veterans.

Disclaimer: If you're vegan or vegetarian, I recommend you to not read this post. :(

So last weekend was my father's birthday, which means a perfect day to go out in family and eat deliciously. My father loves bbqs and eating meat so we booked Osso, one of the best reastaurants in the city to take him there. And it was really good!

Hi, gals! ♡ Today I received my order from Tarte Cosmetics and since it's the first time I'm odering from them I'm super excited. That's why I decided to do a casual blog post with my ned gets. Have you ordered from there before? 

I got 2 sets, 1 stick and got another set as a present. I'm surprised of how fast the package took to arrive because I made the other last week and today the post man called me to receive it. The only "bad" thing is that the delivery is expensive, a little but more than US$ 20, but considering is Express Shipping through DHL Express is perfectly fine. I was also afraid I would have to pay taxes for that, because here DHL Express has a US$ 10 tax for all orders but surprisinly I didn't have to pay anything extra.

Hi, gals! Today's just a casual blog post. ♡ I wasn't planning to post today but I suddenly had the opportunity to go out and from one moment to another I got super productive! 

Today (or well, yesterday~) we had holidays in my country, I don't know why, some religious stuff nobody celebrates here but obviously all holidays are more than welcomed. So my plan was to stay at home, rest a lot (because I REALLY need to rest) and if I had enough energy, I wanted to create some content. But at the end I woke up super late and decided to do nothing... Until my mom wanted to go out so I suddendly had to dress up and do my makeup! Which obviously was the perfect excuse to make some tiktoks! 

Hi, Gals! ♡ How are you doing? I hope you're having a wonderful week with the best energy! Today I'll be sharing the next magazine of my last haul: Happie Nuts Vol. 02! This edition is the second one since their re-release and brings all the trends for summer. So sad here is winter. 😪
Find all the scans in high quality here:

Happie Nuts Vol. 02 - Summer 2021