Hey, gals! Long time not see. How have you been? Here my life has been a huge up and down and right now so many things are happening so to treat myself and considering that the shipping to the Netherlands is way cheaper, I decided to start buying again some stuff on Mercari and Aliexpress. Did you know that here we have 2 weeks shipping on Aliexpress? I've been ordering too many things and I still have many more on the way. Lol

So today I want to share with you all the gyaru things I got untill today. Because I also order a lot of yarns, stickers, tech and random stuff. Haha. But since we're on mid-season and last month was summer and now it's cold already, I decided to fill up my closet with more clothes. Or well, Wes closet haha.

 So first my Fril order: 
Wes and I order a lot of stuff, and I also took the opportunity to order some stuff for a friend of mine. Everything came pretty fast and I'm happy everything first perfectly.

This time I'm obssesed with three bands: Cecil McBee (I got that skort, and also another shorts I don't have the picture right now and OMG I've never had bottoms that fit me so perfectly), Liz Lisa / Liz Lisa Doll / Tralala (as you know Liz Lisa and sister brands will always be my fav) and d.i.a (just to feed my Tsuyome boom lol).

The only thing I didn't noticed is that the d.i.a pattern dress didn't have the lace to tie on the neck (maybe that's why it was so cheap haha). I just noticed that once that arrived, so I decided to get a gold glittery yarn and made the strips myself. Hear me, I'm proud of myself because they look awesome!

Oh! I also got a d.i.a one piece and a skort from Chris. But I haven't take pictures yet. I really need to make a TikTok trying on everything! I hope I can do that tomorrow while there's still some sun. 

 And my AliExpress orders! 
Some of them I ordered before coming here to be sure they will be here already when I arrive haha. And some others I ordered last month.

With this order I'm also super happy because almost everything fits. This time I was looking for casual clothes I could wear on some festivals or to film Kpop choreos. hehe The only thing I really needed was the tigh high boots because the ones I had at home broke some months ago. But it's ok, I had those boots for over 5 years and I also got them on AliExpress. 

The only thing that didn't fit was the first tee because it was a little bit too big, so I gave it to Sacha. 

Now I just have to wait for my next Mercari other hihi. 


Hi, gals! Long time not seeing each other over here. I had too many things in mind I wanted to write but (honestly) zero motivation with being active in the comm or to create Gyary content anymore. It's still like that though and that's ok. I've noticed my mental health has improved considerably since I highly reduced my consumption of Gyaru content and I plan to keep it that way.

Howoever! That doesn't mean I don't enjoy the style. I've been pretty active dressing up and going out recently. Specially during my last holidays and that made me increible happy. I definitely prefer to live my Gyaru life in "the real life" rather than in Social Media and that's an excersize I would recommend to you all.

So going on that path and after getting together with a photographer friend I adore super much, we had a super fun photoshoot 2000s inspired. I've been super inspired by the y2k Bratz looks and I've been thinking how I can incorporate that on my Gyaru looks, so that's how we end up on this photoshoot.

💥 Inspiration board 💥

So having that in mind I made a casual look with items I had on my closet lol. I don't usually go that casual in Gyaru so it was a nice opportunity to create new codes!

💋 Photoshook ♡ 2000s GAL inspired 💋

Photoshoot by: Nesuki Photo

First thing I chose was that cardigan that I got thinking of making a 2000s code but I had no idea how to style it. Lol. So since white and denim are always a good match, that's how I went. + Plus leopard print is a win-win so here it is the code.

Fun thing about that day, it was cold as fuck.  We got together around midday I think, and even if it was still summer, since we were close to the beach, all the fog came to where we were and the whole district looked like winter. So we decided to go walking to the next one to escape from the fog. Thanks god we did that! The weather there was much better.

 Bonus picture 

Act natural, like nobody is looking at you. 


Hi, Gals! (*^^*)♡ How was your week? Here I've been working super much. From Monday to Friday I'm working hard so we're trying to chill out and plan fun things to do together during the weekends. So the last one (actually a couple of weekends ago because I didn't have time to blog or post anything on SNS recently) we went to the mall and I was so excited! Christmas decorations has just started and I love to see all that.

Hi, gals! To change a little bit the topic here, I just want to share my new gets! These last days I was in need of some skin and hair care productos I coudn't bring here because I didn't have much left so I thought it would be better to just buy them here. And that's what I did!

Lately I've been really disciplined about my skincare routine and I've been looking to add some products for the black heads (or well sebaceous filaments) I have on my nose, so after a lot of research I found the BHA from Cosrx is really good for that. I also got a few other stuff like my regular moisturizer, a new cleanser for our mornings (cause I'm teaching Wes soup is not good for the face) and some liners we needed, specially now that I'm teaching him to improve his eyebrows. You know I'm an eyebrow junkie.

Hey, gals! As you may not, or maybe not (lol), last week I travelled to the Netherlands to stay with Wes for some months so I arrived just in time for Velvet’s Halloween Party! Yay! It was so fun and amazing to finally meet such a cool gals from the Netherlands and Germany. I hope I can keep meeting more during this stay.

Hi, gals! Reila here trying to catch up on my blog to see if I get my motivation back to create content. I feel like a have a huge pile of pendings I still need to do and I’m getting crazy. Lately I really didn’t want to write or edit anything (I haven’t even dressed up!) and that makes me really sad. But at least I’ve been going to the gym frequently and after training I’ve been practicing Para Para. I don’t feel Gyaru enough these last days, so I’m pushing myself to write a casual blog post at least. Please, bare today with me! ♡