Hi, Gals! ♡ Today's just a casual blog about my recent gets. I actually was supposed to not order that much but at the end I finished ordering a lot of stuff and I don't regret nothing. Oopsie! I actually wanted to share my look for the third week of the Himekaji Coordinate Challenge but recently I'm on my finals at my classes so I haven't had enough time for that. Luckily this week I finished my studies and Thursday and Friday are holidays so expect a lot of things this long weekend! So without further ado~ Let's start!

♡ March gets! ♡

I first made my monthly order of brand. I already had some pieces that I was waiting to combine for the shipping so I'm glad they all arrive this month.

Hi, Gals! ♡ Week two of the himekaji coordinate challenge we're doing with the lovely Himekaji comm we have. And today's theme is:

Create a Monotone Themed Coordinate

Hi, Gals! Lately I'm obssesed with press-on nails because you can take them off whenever you want, you can reuse them and collect them. In the past I used to wear acrylics but because of pademic I couldn't visit my nailist anymore so I decided to switch to a nailst specialized on press-on as I told you on my previous post about where to get them and I'm super happy with that decision. So today I'm going to show you (and flex a little bit) about my nails collection and how I get my complete sets. Wai! ðŸ’—

Hi, Gals! Últimamente estoy obsesionada con las press-on porque te las puedes quitar cuando quieras, puedes reutilizarlas y coleccionarlas. En el pasado solía usar acrílicas, pero debido a la pandemia ya no pude volver a visitar a mi nailist, así que decidí cambiar a otra nailist especializada en press-ons, como les comenté en mi anterior post sobre dónde pueden encontrar estas uñas, y estoy súper feliz con esta decisión. Así que hoy les mostraré (y alardearé un poquito) sobre mi colección de uñas y cómo recibo mis sets completos. Wai! ðŸ’—

the name i love nailartthe name i love nailart
Hi, Gals! Since last year I've been wanting to make Gyaru stickers and I already made some, just a few I was using with friends while I was testing which would be the ideal app the make stickers until I found the one I wanted. So here I share with you a couple of packs of stickers for WhatsApp so you can gyarufy your messages everyday. ðŸ’—

Hi, Gals! ♡ With our cute Himekaji community we're doing a 7 weeks themed challenge for put together different Himekaji looks. So from now on I'll be sharing lovely looks I'm super excited to do. So for this first week the theme is:

Create a coordinate inspired by your favorite character.

So~ A long time ago I started this  blogging challenge and then forgot it completely haha. Which means it's time to come back and continue with the promps I actually found super fun to do. And if you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend it: 10 weeks of Gyaru blogging. So today's theme is:

My fav makeup products

I think my main products change from time to time, specially because of the weather and the status of my skin. Lately my skin isn't that oily anymore so I'm not abusing of powders as I used to do and I'm wearing more cream products to set carefully, rather to bake my face.