Hey, gals! How was your weekend? ♡ I think this is the first time I make a post with no Gyaru makeup ( 〃▽〃) but I missed blogging casually so who cares? After a long week full of work I'm motivated to write. 

The past two weeks have been super busy and crazy here but finally everything is going back to normal and I have more time to create content again. I was missing Insta and my blog so much! I also had some videos I wanted to edit but I had to wait for that. Until today! (or tonight).

Last weekend I attended the cutest event ever organized by Himekaji Girls, our small community of... Himekaji girls. ( ̄▽ ̄)/ It's not the first time we have an event like this, I think it's the fourth but it was my first time joining them because I'm unlucky and I missed the other ones.

For this time the theme was a Fairytale Forest so we were suposed to dress for that. And that was a huge challenge for me because I don't know that much about the theme and I live surrounded by buildings. But at the end I had a super good idea. There's a forest I know which looks out of a fairytale that I really want to go. One that is on the other side of the world. So I decided to dress up as if I was going to take the cutest pictures there. (´,,•ω•,,)♡

Going back to the Himekaji Weekly Coordinate Challenge, and taking a break from work because today I stayed working until 8 pm and I just tired af, I'm sharing with you my fouth Himekaji co*de that I had no idea how to put together so I did it the best I could.

Create a coordinate that hints a secret hobby you have

So I don't have a secret hobby. You can see on my Facebook profile my hobbies are: Eating, Napping, Blogging and Dancing. So first I thought about doing some kind of ballerina look, but I don't have nothing like that. My second option was a strawberry dessert co*de because I like eating, but desserts are not my favorite things to eat. So at the end I just went with blogging and decide to blog about that.

Hi, Gals! Welcome to another blog post. Today I want to talk about something really interesting I had in mind for a long time and I finally get to put together thanks to the Liz Lisa 10th anniversary mook where they do a compilation of their trends & collections of their first 10 years. I found that mind blowing because most of us have or had the misconception that Liz Lisa always was inherently Himekaji and it's not actually like that. However it’s true the brand was a huge driver for the style to grow and be what it’s now. So here I'll do my best to explain and translate the main Liz Lisa miletones since their birth. Let’s start! 

Hey, Gals! Today is just a casual post I'm excited to do because I love quizes / q&a's. Leia, a cute gal from Italy, made this Gyaru Card as a challenge to write about so, here I go! If you want to know more about me and Gyaru, keep reading. (♡˙︶˙♡)

Your Nickname/Gyaru/Blogger name

My name is Reila and my blog is The Name I Love.
Reila is a song from the GazettE and The Name I Loved is a song from SHINee. 

Birthday & Zodiac Sign

April 30th. Taurus.
Moon in Leo, Rising sun in Cancer.

Your style & Fav style:


Fav Era/Year

2008~2013 was the best era for me. There was the evolution of Liz Lisa from Roma to Himekaji, the birth of Ank Rouge with more Himekaji to Otome looks but with a preppy twist. But at the same time was Dear My Love / Dream V basically guiding the style with their pure Himekaji looks. It's  shame we don't talk enough about Dream V. 



Top 5 Jap Gyaru Models

None.  I follow many models on Instagram but I'm not a big fan of any in particular. I follow more the trends, the looks, the items I'd like to wear rather than people. I get the aspiration of many gals to look like their fav models and such but it's not my case.

Fav Magazine

I love EGG because that's the magazine that got me into Gyaru, so I always say EGG. However the magazine that brings me more inspiration is Popteen.

Top 5 brands

Liz Lisa, Ank Rouge and MA*RS. (╥ω╥) LizMelo and Liz Lisa Doll count as a brand? Haha. 
As a complement I could say Swankiss and Lodispotto. I like Bubbles too though! 

Top 5 inspo coords

From Liz Lisa, their floral prints and patterns are my absolute jam. 

But from Ank Rouge, I'm obssesed and collecting their cherry and strawberry prints. That's what I work for. I already have the first dress but in pink (you can see the header of my blog) and other prints as well in their different color variations. But I really want to get as much as I can.  Not all of them because some silhouettes are not really my taste and some dresses are Otome/Lolita borderline and that's definitely not my thing. But I could make some sacrificies depending on the design. Specially their black prints~ Last week I unblocked my love kurohimekaji, how I'm calling from now on. 

Top 5 inspo coords from other gals

This is a tricky one haha. Because when I got into old-school Himekaji there was no other active gals into the substyle, then Lizzie started to dress like that and now we're two. Then I joined the Himekaji gals Discord but all of them are into modern Himekaji. 

But now that I think about that, I could say Rosie could be a good inspo. I remember she used to be into Himekaji when I was just starting Gyaru, circa 2012-13, so I'll check her looks right now because that could be a good option. 

Ok, I've decided Rosie is my top inspiration from now on and I want her old wardrobe. I arrived almost 10 years late for this but better than never. 

And outside Himekaji, I think gals that inspire me are Kohi, Sue, Lala and Ramona respectively (click on their photos so go to their insta). I really like to see other gals makeup and update mine from time to time. So it's really nice to see them and learn from them. 

Top 5 your cords

This is hard to choose as well. Since there are some dresses I love I haven't had the chance to wear yet. Lol. But I'll choose 5 co*des I love. I started dressing Himekaji at the end of 2018, but it wasn't until months after that I actually got more stuff to put together a whole look and I changed my hair to pink.

2009: June + October (A Tale of Fashion event)

2020: February & December

2021: February (Valentines Day) & March (Himekaji Coord Challenge)

I started Gyaru in 2013, however it wasn't until 2018 that I actually found the substyle I love the most, so I'm just sharing Himekaji looks this time. o(>< )o

Top 5 fashion / must-have items

  • Tigh high boots
  • A JSK or OP
  • Plain blouse
  • Printed skirt
  • Heels

Top 5 Gyaru goals

  • Get all my dream dresses and skirts
  • Get more shoes/heels
  • Create quality content
  • Improve my photography
  • Film more ParaPara routines

Top 5 Gyaru achievements

  • ギャル ❤ ParaPara!! International Project
  • Brands I model for on fashion shows and collections
  • Events I got invited as a panelist
  • Getting to balance my personal life / mental health and Gyaru content
  • Renewing my wardrobe completely 

Last 5 Gyaru gets

  • Lizmelo catalogues
  • Lizmelo bags
  • Liz Lisa bloomers
  • Liz Lisa tees
  • Liz Lisa poncho

5 itmes from your Gyaru Wishlist

The ones from my inspo coords. I want to get those items.

Suggestions for a beginner Gyaru

Being Gyaru with no money is a myth. For any alternative fashion you need to save and invest. You will need makeup mostly, but after that you will want to start building your wardrobe. Even if you can work with what you already have, you will want to get better. You can do it on a budget, of course, but there's going to be an investment in youself anyways. 

Practicing is key. I've had many cases of baby gals who ask me for makeup advice however most of the time they don't understand that explaining them what do to or giving tips that could work is not going to make their skills to do their makeup magically appear. And that brings frustration in them.You have to practice to get better. You have to practice to get used to your own features. You have to practice to find your personal style and products that work for you. You have to practice to improve. And it's ok to make mistakes and being not that good at the beginning. We all start like that.

And be kind. Be kind to yourself and be kind with others.

Hope you enjoy this casual blog post. I thought it was going to be easier to do, but it actually made me think a lot haha. If you want, you can join this challenge as well or share with me: Which are your main Gyaru achievements / goals? Or which would be your tips for baby gals? 


Week three of the Himekaji Coordinate Challenge and this time the we had to do a co*de using a dark color palette so once I read that I was like: This is my moment! I don't usually wear black for Himekaji but I LOVE black, it's my favorite color and I have tones of black clothes I haven't been wearing so this was the perfect opportunity.

Create a coordinate using a darker color palette