Where are my gals who don't have much hair and theirs is SUPER thin? Because I'm one of those and it's truly a nightmare. 🥺 I've always checked my favorite magazine like EGG or Ageha to look for hairstyle ideas but I generally don't have luck because I don't have much hair, I don't have exte and I'm still trying to learn to curl my hair properly. So I basically started to look for hairstyles for dummies because I have to accept I'm pretty useless for hairstyles and I really like to have my hair cute. So that's basically how I started checking the Larme magazine. Looking for hairstyles (and ngl some brands and little free gifts too haha)

So I'm not talking that much today, but I wanted to share with you easy hairstyles I found on the Larme Vol. that I think could work for cuter and more polished styles like Himekaji and Roma, but could even work for casual Agejo and Onee in some cases. 

Trying to motivate myself to make new coords, specially now that we're in summer and most of my clothes are perfect for this warm but chill weather, I've been wanting to wear my beige cowgal-ish boots with some looks. I already had a couple in mind, but sadly one it's still on its way to arrive and I just didn't have the mood for the other one (lol). But yay me, looking to ideas for a coord to wear on my last ParaPara video for the ギャル ♡ ParaPara!! International Project I remembered I had more items to mix and that's how this co*de was born.

It's funny because I've had this blouse and shorts for quite some time now but there's a point when you just forget the items you have and keep wearing the same every time (haha). I'm happy I found this and even more the that the weather was perfect to wear it.

This year has been a crazy one. Full of hard moments, crazy news and failed goals BUT somehow, also full of joy and work. This year I made a lot of new friends and I learnt a lot as a person, so it wasn't just bad things. So today I want to start the year with a small recap and 2021 resolutions. 

2020 was the year for the Gyaru comm 

I met so many amazing people in the comm this year. Specially on the Latam comm. We had calls + streamings almost weekly. We talked, we laughed and even did our makeup together. 

  1. We had the Gyaru Theme Challenge, where many of us tried new gyaru makeups for 9 weeks in a row (well, not in a row, I had a couples of pauses, so let's say for almost 3 months). 
  2. We started the Para Para Club 🌻  on the 109 server and got together a few times to dance. Even Chris and I made a oripara routine for the song OK Bommer! to be learn by other gals! And we're closing the year with the ã‚®ãƒ£ãƒ«♡ParaPara!! that is coming soon.
  3. We had talkshows and fashion shows run by DD where many gals, including myself, were invited to talk about the style and our love and struggles on the community. All driven by love and positivity. #GALloveforever
  4. I also was invited as a panelist to talk about Gyaru during the Harajuku Fashion Walk week and I loved to meet new people from different countries in South America who also love J-Fashion.
  5. Four Papillon magazines were released in 2020 and I had the honor to participate as a model and that definitely gave me a boost on my motivation and love for Himekaji and dressing up.
  6. We also had many important moments to talk about social struggles while being Gyaru and I'm sure many of us learned from that and other gals experiences. I really hope this new year we can transform that into actions and strategies.
  7. The Gyaru comm had a new blogging boom during last months of the year and the category is: Oldschool blogging! With that my blogging spirit came back. 
  8. And last but not least, we had amazing collabs. And I, for sure, will have more!

Collabs with Juliette, Lizzie and Wes. ♡