Tralala & Liz Lisa Doll ♡ 2010 Summer Collection

21 de mayo de 2021

Hi, gals! ♡ Back here with a new catalogue. This time from Tralala and Liz Lisa Doll, two casual street wear sub-brands from Liz Lisa. Both don't exist anymore sadly, but their collections were really cool!


As an introduction for this post, Liz Lisa Doll was a sub-brand whose audience was highschool girls. That's why they had many casual and sporty items. They also had preppy and even seifuku collections. Liz Lisa Doll was lunched in 2006 and according to their blog, they closed in 2014. 

Meanwhile Tralala was an even older brand. It was lunched in 2003 and their looks were more like a mix of MA*RS, Coco Lulu and Liz Lisa (weird to explain). I always saw that hostess hint in Tralala, yet cute and playful that's why its audience is always young. Tralala as a sub-brand lasted until 2016 according to their blog due to their evident change on their concept. Eventually it just merged with Himekaji Liz Lisa. 

So with that been said. Here you have their 2010 Summer Collection.

Liz Lisa Doll ♡ Summer Collection

Maybe it's obvious because Liz Lisa Doll has a really clear aesthetic but some of the trends they had during that summer is strips, plaid and denim (and you will see that later on Tralala as well). But more than that graphic tees, denim bottoms with prints (similar to the Coco Lulu ones) are also seen on Liz Lisa Doll. However unlike Coco Lulu (which is the main representation of Amekaji), Liz Lisa Doll has a more conservative color palette. Maybe that's why I like more that brand.  I really enjoy they fully work with black, white, red and denim. And all other colors are more on the details.

For this collection Liz Lisa Doll also had a collab with Usavich, a cartoon that I've never seen before but I just googled. Lol. According to Wikipedia, Usavich is a MTV Japan musical series about a pair of funny and dumb characters (Usavich and Kirenenko) who are in jail because they were part of the Russian mafia and now they want to scape. I personally think the plot sounds really fun but I don't know what to expect. 

And finally the models were Nicole Abe (one of the most popular models in Ranzuki around those years, and then in Happie Nuts) and Miku Akiyama who was modeling for Pop Sister in 2010 and then Popteen.

Tralala ♡ Summer Collection


One of the things I like about this Tralala collections was the amount of fair novelties they had.  They had a bag with clothes for summer for a special price. They also had accesories and even free slippers when you bought on the Liz Lisa Fusion stores. I would love to go to the beach in my branded slippers! 


This collection also had many different looks, mostly in whites and denim. I really like the bloomers and shorts with ruffles. I'm obsessed with those! I love wearing them for Himekaji. But they also had tee shirts and this super classic Gyaru looks with baggy mid pants and pumps. I love how they look in those. It's like a princessy Amekaji. image

I think I really like how even if the looks are super casual, that match with bold makeup and super over the tops hair and accesories that make them have a perfect Gyaru balance. I would love to have my hair like that some day, but I have no idea how to achieve it. 

And finally for the main model was Rin, a Koakuma Ageha model known for her Agejo looks.

I hope you liked this catalogue and you can find all the other ones I have under the tag:  Scans  


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  1. I love tralala! I agree that they had that hint of hostess in them especially with their dress that had that babydoll sort of cut. I love seeing these scans they're so inspiring <3

    1. Yeah, I knew I wasn't crazy haha They had that cutesy agejo feel haha. So glad you liked it! (♡˙︶˙♡)

  2. These two sister brands are the reason I went hardcore for LL in the first place! Them and Twinkle ;_; I looooooove them so much!

    1. Ugh feel you so much. If my 17-18 y/o self had discovered Liz Lisa Doll I would've killed for those items. I still like some of their items to stay at home tho. (´꒳`)♡

  3. WOW! Me han sorprendido para bien estas marcas, sobretodo LiZ lisa Doll, algunos de los outfits me han gustado mucho! *__*

    1. Siiii, de hecho cuando lo vi pensé un montón en ti. Creo que Liz Lisa Doll es bastante tu estilo. (*♡∀♡)