Gyaru 109 Month ✰ Event

First online month event for the Gyaru community to celebrate and have fun together. We'll have different activities like panels, workshops and challenges we can join from different platforms so nobody will be left out.
  • Gyaru 109 Month from September 10th to October 9th
  • Gyaru Day (main event) will be on October 9th
The workshops, panels and main event will be held on Zoom. Subscribe to our calendar of activities to receive notification and not miss them. (Available on mobile)

English Panel: Gyaru life as a black gal (12 pm PST / 9 pm CEST)

Yaya (Germany) and Hekku(USA) are gals and black activists who have being big influences and brought a new light and learnings to the community. During their panels they will be talking about their Gyaru experience and how the community can grow ethically to support and respect all our gals.

image Saturday, September 25th

Spanish Panel: Living together as a Gyarusa (10 am PST / 7 pm CEST)
Back in the day being part of a gyarusa was a must when being Gyaru. Each gal had their group of friends to organize meetings, events, compete on Para Para contests and more. However gal units weren't just a group of friends, they had their own hierarchy and graduation system, so for this panel Ivan and Sue (Spain) will share everything you didn't know about them. 

Spanish Panel: Gyaru life being Latina and plus size (11 am PST / 8 pm CEST)
Thabasa (Mexico) and Kiwii (USA/Mexico) will be with us sharing their Gyaru experience for all Spanish speakers in the community. They'll talking about their learnings and struggles, just like giving us tips on how to live a gal live to the best from this side of the world. 

image Sunday, September 26th

English Panel: The Gyaruo Life (11 am PST / 8 pm CEST)
Wesley (the Netherlands) and Ethan (Switzerland) will be with us sharing all you'd like to know about being Gyaruo. How's the Gyaruo life? Which are their substyles? How did they start in the style and how was the reaction of people around them? Join the panel to know about that and more.

image Saturday, September 25th 

Para Para Workshop with Chris (12 pm PST / 9 pm CEST)
For this workshop, Chris will be with us teaching us one of the most iconic songs in the Gyaru community and Para Para Scene: Velfarre 2000. Let's go back to the 00s and enjoy this night to the fullest! 

*Comfy clothes recommended. Makeup is no required.
**Checking and/or learning the song in advance is recommended. Routine video.

image Sunday, October 3rd 

Makeup Workshop with Mando (7 pm MST / 8 pm PST)
Mando is one of our most talented MUAs in the community. They post makeup tutorials actively on Tiktok and have a incredible heart to share their art. If you want to learn how to do your Gyaru makeup with them join this workshop!

image Friday, September 10th - Thursday, September 23rd

GAL 109 Meme - Blogging Challenge
If you have a blog or want to start one, this is your opportunity to do it through the event. To join this blogging challenge you just need to follow the next template. 

image Sunday, September 12th - Saturday, September 25th 

What I love about Gyaru - Tiktok Challenge 
For this activity I'd like to make a big compilation of gals sharing their love for the style. To join this Tiktok challenge you just need to follow the next instructions.

image Friday, September 24th - Thursday, October 7th

GAL Review - Blogging Challenge
For the second blogging challenge you should write about your Gyaru experience. How much did you learn in the style? How much did Gyaru impact in your life? Are you the same person you were when you started? What do you love the most about this experience? What's your Gyaru story? You can share all you want about your Gyaru journey.

image Sunday, September 26th - Friday, October 8th

Para Para Project - Tiktok Challenge 
Let's make the longest Para Para duet chain on Tiktok! After the Para Para workshop, the routine will be posted on Tiktok so you can duet it! 

image Sunday, October 9th 

Come and join us on the Gyaru Day! Reila and DD will be the hosts of the day with segments we all can enjoy together. Dress up, do your best makeup and get ready to show off your code. 

Dress code: Your best old-school look! 

image Schedule

11:00 am PST / 8:00 pm CEST - Introduction of the event
11:30 am PST / 8:30 pm CEST - Everyone's introduction
12:30 pm PST / 9:30 pm CEST - Segment 1: How to live a Gyaru life? with Reila
1:15 pm PST / 10:15 pm CEST - Segment 2: Living as a Gyaru mama with Calypso & Ranzuka
2:00 pm PST / 11:00 pm CEST - Closure

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