Happy New Year! ♡ My year recap & 2021 resolutions

1 de enero de 2021

This year has been a crazy one. Full of hard moments, crazy news and failed goals BUT somehow, also full of joy and work. This year I made a lot of new friends and I learnt a lot as a person, so it wasn't just bad things. So today I want to start the year with a small recap and 2021 resolutions. 

2020 was the year for the Gyaru comm 

I met so many amazing people in the comm this year. Specially on the Latam comm. We had calls + streamings almost weekly. We talked, we laughed and even did our makeup together. 

  1. We had the Gyaru Theme Challenge, where many of us tried new gyaru makeups for 9 weeks in a row (well, not in a row, I had a couples of pauses, so let's say for almost 3 months). 
  2. We started the Para Para Club 🌻  on the 109 server and got together a few times to dance. Even Chris and I made a oripara routine for the song OK Bommer! to be learn by other gals! And we're closing the year with the ギャル♡ParaPara!! that is coming soon.
  3. We had talkshows and fashion shows run by DD where many gals, including myself, were invited to talk about the style and our love and struggles on the community. All driven by love and positivity. #GALloveforever
  4. I also was invited as a panelist to talk about Gyaru during the Harajuku Fashion Walk week and I loved to meet new people from different countries in South America who also love J-Fashion.
  5. Four Papillon magazines were released in 2020 and I had the honor to participate as a model and that definitely gave me a boost on my motivation and love for Himekaji and dressing up.
  6. We also had many important moments to talk about social struggles while being Gyaru and I'm sure many of us learned from that and other gals experiences. I really hope this new year we can transform that into actions and strategies.
  7. The Gyaru comm had a new blogging boom during last months of the year and the category is: Oldschool blogging! With that my blogging spirit came back. 
  8. And last but not least, we had amazing collabs. And I, for sure, will have more!

Collabs with Juliette, Lizzie and Wes. ♡

And thanks to this collabs I had my last photoshoot of the year. I hope the next one I have way more! I almost forgot what it was to go out, take street snaps and have people giving you weird looks because they don't understand what's going on haha. 

Skirt: Ank Rouge
Blouse: Liz Lisa
Shoes: AliExpress


2021 resolutions! 

I think the last two years my main resolution was to built my Himekaji wardrobe and that's something I ended up doing by passion rather than because I had to and that makes me happy! I really renewed my wardrobe and I still have some orders on the way. That tought me that I can achieve everything I want with determination and hard work. 


Last year I also put on my resolutions I wanted to create more content and that was the hardest part of all. However now I feel I'm finally orgazing better my mind and my times to keep creating content I love and that's boosting my motivation to work harder. Now I want a few things for this year and more related to my personal life: 

  •  Last year I was promoted at work and now I'm the head of the area. Also I almost finished all I needed to get my degree, so I hope this year I can invest way more on my work and finish my studies. (Yes, I work too lol)
  • This year I also want to have an special focus on my mental health. I know what makes me happy, what gives me motivation and what drives my anxiety. So I hope I can manage all that in the best way possible and hint! Gyaru and creating content are two of the things that make me the happiest.
  • This year I also want to travel more. I was supposed to travel last year but I couldn't because of the pandemic. But good news, it's still eveything on-going and by now all my plans are just waiting to be done.
  • And finally I want to close my year moving out. I've mentioned before I want to move to Spain to a few friends and I've been working hard on that. So I really hope this year can be the one finally achieve that. 

So yeah, I have my year full of the things I want to do, but I've always being like that, already planning my life in advance. So I'll keep working hard to make my dreams come true! ♡ What are your wishes and resolutions for this 2021? my melody*キラキラ


Photos by: Nesuki  

8 comentarios

  1. ¡Reila! Llevaba mucho tiempo leyéndote "desde las sombras" pero por fin y un poco motivada también por el boom de que mucha gente vuelve a blogger, me he animado yo también a revivir mi blog (que llevaba desde 2015 abandonado >_<).

    Es muy bonito ver cómo de nuevo la comunidad vuelve a estar tan activa, realizando tantas actividades y colaboraciones, la verdad es que me encanta *_* y de cara a 2021... no había pensando en mis 'propósitos de año nuevo' la verdad, quizás diría salud para mí y los míos, que no me falte el trabajo y sobretodo seguir divirtiéndome haciendo lo que me gusta :)

    Un abrazo!

    1. Aww ¡que linda! Gracias por leerme. ♡ Ya me muero por seguir y leer tu blog. No sabía que tenías uno ya. Y sí, me encanta que la comunidad esté super activa y espero que siga así este año. Estoy segura que mientras nosotras estemos activas y divirtiéndonos, eso inspirará a más gals también.

      Te mando muchos abracitos y buena vibra para que todas tus resoluciones de año nuevo se cumplan. *3*

  2. Yessss the gal blogging boom was the best thing that happened. I'm so happy we got new bloggers and old bloggers came back! Especially you~ I love your blog. And I adore this coord!!!! So gorgeous~♥

    1. I love your blog too! I'm catching up with many posts, along many other gals. I want to get used to read and interact with other gals in their blogs. After so many years into social media, I'm excited to have a new platform for and by us. ♡

  3. Your collab with Wes was everything!! And i think you did great with last year's resolutions; you accomplished it all in my opinion. I haven't really sat down to think about what my resolutions will be. (ps. those are my dream boots ;A;)
    - Amiman♥

    1. Thank you! ;; ♡ I hope we can collab again in the future and... I still want to collab with you. So I will be stalking you next days. ^3^

      And I was going after those boots for years too. But buying them brand was too pricey because they're heavy and the past LL heels I got were really expensive. So I got these ones on AliExpress and girl: BEST decision ever.

  4. Oh my gosh I nearly cried with joy when I saw more people doing blogging, and I'm so happy that old-school is back because it has really lifted the pressure off from my shoulders! I really hope more will join us 💖

    I really liked creating purikura with you! Let's create some more, okay? 💖💖

    1. Let's create more together! I really enjoyed to collab with you and let's continue until we can do it together in-real-life. ♡