Happy GALentines day! Celebration + CO*DE

15 de febrero de 2021

Happy GALentines day everyone! Hope you had an amazing and safe day at home with your love ones. (•ө•)♡ I stayed at home like always but celebrating and treating myself with delicious food with my family.

For me Valentine's day is an extra special day because the day before is my parent's anniversary so we usually celebrate both days with a lot of food and gifts for them. But tbh I miss the times when I was a child and my father would give me presents for Valentines too. Lol. But this year was special because we were preparing everything the whole week and I also have an special one I wanted to send presents and thanks god everything arrived in time! (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)ﻭ So my plan was a success! But I also got some cute stuff.

I received many things this Valentines week. I got  delicious chocolates (does that mean I have to send chocolates back on March? ), I got a gorgeous heart bracelet I'm obssesed with and for my surprise, my last Himekaji mega haul arrived too, so I have many gets  I want to show you all, but I still haven't decide if I can make a video or a blog post. Oh! And last but not least, I got my valentines nails! I actually ordered two sets, the other ones were sculped gummy bears nails I can't wait to wear in some weeks. 

On Friday we got a lot of themed sweets for the afternoon tea from a new bakery I found near my house. All the cakes and sweets they had were valentines themed and I wanted to buy them all! But I had to be responsible a just get some of them. That day I also planned my two outfits for the weekend because I had two events on Saturday + Valentine's Day on Sunday so I choose my two dream dresses for the ocassion.


OP: Ank Rouge
Shoes: H&M
Accesories: Taoao + Liz Lisa

However something really bad happened.

I woke up extremely early the Saturday morning to finish and send my homework (it was basically my thesis to get my degree) and then I could take a shower, do with makeup with my lovely Lizzie to attend the tea party we had with the Himekaji comm and after that I had another virtual meet for black gals organized by my sis DD. But guess what? Suddenly the manager of the condo called saying we were not having electricity and water the rest of the day because the electricity company had to fix something. So that was me, 11 am with no more batteries on my laptop, no internet and trying to find a way to finish my homework. I had to cancel everything and luckily I could go to my cousin's house to charge my laptop and get wi-fi. I was so sad! At least I could have breakfast with my parents for their anniversary.

We got a super box filled with delicious waffles, coffee, desserts, sandwiches and much more. At least they could spend the time together and having a walk with Honey to enjoy the daylight. 🐶💖 Could you imagine if something like that happens on your anniversary? I would cry.

And finally Sunday arrived. V-day and I finally could dress up, do my makeup and have fun! We also received a super good breakfast. This time we got healthy sweets I wanted to try which had a cute card that says "Self Love"and another one full of fruits and waffles. We love waffles! 🧇💖


And for my look I went with a modern Himekaji look (almost Otome tbh). I was pretty shocked because it was the first time I made a look like that. It felt like a Lolita bell shape so I decided to match that with a more dramatic makeup, messier hair and more mature shoes to balance the cuteness of the outfit. But what I liked the most was that I finally could put together a Himekaji outfit in black! That's an achievement.  You have no idea how hard has been for me to incorporate black in my Himekaji looks. I think it's the first time I do that. 


OP: Ank Rouge Cutie Cherry Pie
Cutsew: Ank Rouge
Shoes: Bruno Ferrini Concept
Accesories: Taobao + Liz Lisa

And I finally spent the rest of the day with my babe. Talking, laughing and having a great time together.  I'm not going to lie, at the end it was a really good week. I was on holidays from work, I could finish my homework and Sunday was a great day! 

So now I have to go to sleep because it's Monday and I come back to work, on Wednesday is my final presentation to get my degree and at the same time I'm starting another wholesome course. I'm really excited to do a lot of things this year. How was your Valentine's Day?


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  1. I was so sad to miss you at the tea party but I'm glad you had such a great valentine's weekend! That black x red coord is SO cute, it really suits you and your hair especially adds the perfect pop of color too! <3

    1. Thank you! ;; You're so sweet. I'm really looking forward to join you the next tea party. 😍💕

  2. Where should I start!?
    The nails are breathtaking. Both CO*DES are adorable!

    Wish would could have gotten to see you at DD's meet. That's so unfortunate with what happened with the electricity. My condo building does the same thing with the water every other week and it can be so annoying!

    All the desserts and stuff are making me drool.

    Hope things with your presentation went smoothly! *crossing my fingers*

    1. Ugh I guess that's the bad thing about living in a condo! T^T
      And thank you so much! I really hope we can have more virtual meets so I can meet you! I wanted to meet you all. <3

  3. *___* adoro todos y cada uno de tus outfits! y las uñas de la primera foto son preciosas, yo hasta ahora no me he animado a ponerme postizas muy largas porque me siento súper patosa.. qué tal la sensación?

    Por cierto, cada vez que veo alguno de tus posts con comida me entra un hambre xD... que delicioso se ve todo argh *q*

    Besitos Reila! (≧◡≦) ♡

    1. Aiñ ¡gracias! ♡ Ngl tener las uñas pegadas se siente y se siente rarito, pero te acostumbras, no es incómodo. Luego cuando te las quitas te vuelves inútil porque es como si tus manos pesasen menos y no puedes controlarlas hahaha Igual siempre pueden empezar con unas un poco más cortar e ir pidiendo más y más largas cada vez.😍

  4. (*A*) the nails~~~ So pretty! And I love both outfits, it's unfortunate you had to cancel your plans :( But I'm glad you still enjoyed yourself afterwards! The bracelet is gorgeous btw~ Also, omg I love visiting bakeries ♥♥
    - Amiman♥

    1. Thank yooou! Yeah, I already healed that weekend haha. >w< ♡ Hope you had a great Valentine's Day too!