✰ Gyaru 109 Meme ✰

11 de septiembre de 2021

Hi, Gals! I'm happy to say we're starting this fun Gyaru 109 Month with a blogging challenge. Lately I've seen so many gals starting their oldschool blog that I really wanted to include some activities for bloggers too. Something chill and fun we can do at our own time if we're looking for inspiration and motivation to write. So today I'm starting with the: 

✰ Gyaru 109 Meme! ✰

Name / Gyaru nickname and country:
I'm Reila and I'm from Peru. 💗

Since when are you gyaru?
I consider myself Gyaru since June 1st, 2013. That was the first Harajuku Fashion Walk we had here and the first time I put together a complete Gyaru look. Or that’s how I felt, now I would do it different of course haha.

How did you discover the style?
I've told this story before, but it was 13 years ago when a friend of mine recommened me an GAV movie and one of the actors was gyaruo. I was shocked because it was the first time I saw a J-Fashion style where having a tan skin was seen as cool. After that I searched more about him and discovered he stopped acting and became a MEN's EGG model. So thanks to that I eventually landed on the EGG and decided to learn about Gyaru. ♡(●´∀`●)

Hiroki Okada, Men's EGG West (2010)

What's your current substyle? Why do you like it?
It's Himekaji and I don't know. Lol. I know but I'm going to sound really cheesy. With Himekaji I made peaces with the fact I can be femenine and powerful at the same time. And I learned there's nothing wrong with loving to look cute and princessy. I still love to have more casual or sexy looks (Agejo is my guilty pleasure) but I just love Himekaji too much.

Which are your current booms?
Liz Lisa Doll sporty sets and oversized hoodies (I've been investing in home wear lol). Right now it’s winter here and I work at home so I like to stay warm and cozy. I also got a new mymelo kigu! (^Д^)


Share 3 of your fav codes. Why do you like them so much?
I have many fav outfits, so I'll just share threee in no particular order.

image OP + Cardigan: Ank Rouge
image Shoes: Princess Melody

I was really waiting for a special momento to wear this code because that's my dream dress.
So I got the full code to put this together.

image Sweater + Skirt: Liz Lisa
image Shoes: AliExpress

I simply love old Liz Lisa and I really wanted to make a more cowgirl/denim look. 
Plus lately I'm enjoing looks with a low rise cut.

image Camisole: MA*RS
image Hoodie: Pepe Jeans
image Skirt + Shoes: Liz Lisa

And this was the look for the HFW México. I really wanted to go for a 2000s inspired.
I wanted it to be cute and sexy, yet casual. And I got that!

Share 3 things your learn during your Gyaru journey.
 To not care about what anybody else has to say / to not look for approval in others but myself.
 To be focused on sharing love instead of focusing so much on the negativity that doesn't bring anything to the community or the style.
 To not idealize the style. Gyaru is a subculture that was born due to social issues and at the same time it has perpetuated some others. So we can't just divorse from that and pretend Gyaru exist in a bubble in another galaxy.

Share 3 gaijin gals and 3 Japanese gals you look up to.

 Gaijin gals 
Hekku, because of their strong and straightfoward character.
Wes, because I learned to have a more positive view of things from him.
Kiwii, because she's the spine of the Latinoamerican comm. If it wasn't because of her, we wouldn't be such a healthy and supportive community. 

 Japanese gals 
In general I've been looking for old gals with blogs to find inspiration in look and makeup. The hardest thing for me is doing casual gal makes and really trying to do my makeup faster.

Yunkoro, I super love her old himekaji, cowgirl and preppy looks.

Ikemegu, her looks are more Tralala-ish and her hairstyles are everything.

Arisa, I'm also obssesed with her hair and with her makeup. 

What's your favorite Gyaru memory?
 Meeting gals from other countries.  As a lonely gal it's really really exciting for me to know gals from all over the world. I haven't had the opportunity to meet that many gals in real life yet, but I'm planning to keep doing it until I can meet all my dear friends!

What advice would you give to people who want to start in the style but don’t have the courage yet?
Along the years one of the most recurrent fears I've seen in baby gals or people who haven't started in the style yet but really want to is that they feel scared or too self conscious about the unwanted attention they could get when dressing up too extravagant, and I would say to them: That's normal! We all start with different concerns, but in fact, Gyaru is also a way to work in outselves and our strenght. No gal vet started like you see us now, it's a jorurney. Plus, people is going to stare, judge and talk anyways. Better do it when we're living our best. Lol. I don't want to regret later for not trying as I wanted to.

And that's it.
♡ Challenged completed!  
We still have more challenges and activities for the Gyaru 109 Month.


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  1. Wow! I really love your introduction to gyaru! Its so unique and interesting! Loved reading this so much and thanks again for all the prompts! 💕

    1. Thank you <3 I'm really happy that gals are enjoying this challenge.

  2. Thanks so much for doing the meme! Looking forward to the events <3

  3. Es súper curioso que descubrieras el gyaru a través del gyaruo! Eres la única persona que conozco que conoció el estilo así, que curioso! :D

    Muchas gracias por organizar estas actividades Reila! Estoy disfrutando mucho haciendo mi Gyaru 109 Meme (pero voy a 2 km/h escribiendo hahaha), espero publicarlo mañana o pasado como muy tarde!

    Besitooos! <3333

  4. I'm so behind in reading blogs so ofcourse I find this super late (ToT) lol
    I never knew your story of how you got into gyaru, that's pretty cool tbh! Omg how do you find old blogs? I feel like every time I try to find them, they're all deleted (TT). Anywho, I loved reading this~~
    - Amiman♥