♡ Kogal couple photoshoot ♡

14 de octubre de 2021

Hey, gals! I still need to catch up on other blog posts I want to do and haven't any motivation to do it, but parenthesis to share this amazing photoshoot Wes and I had with a friend of mine, Nesu.


Now that I look back and I think about this photos, it's almost funny to notice we've been dating each other for almost a couple of years now... Since before the pandemic, but because (and I have to tell you) I am the saltiest person on earth, not so long after we decided to meet each other and have holidays together in The Netherlands, the pandemic started. 

I still remember when it was announnced the pandemcic we thought it was going to be just a few weeks, maybe a couple of months. Nothing was going to happen to our holidays.  But those weeks became months, and those months almost two years.


It was really hard, I'm not going to lie. And it was heart breaking to postpone our trip so many times.  But at the same time it was really encouraging to see that even if we didn't know when we were to meet each other, we become closer and closer each time. 

And that's how September 2020 arrived and I really thought I was going to be able to travel. Finally! I had everything I needed, the borders were open, our papers were done but once again, at last minute it was not possible. 


And I'm not going to forget that in that situation the reaction of Wes had was like: Ok, if you're not coming, I'm taking the first flight to Peru and I'm going there. We're definitely meeting each other this time   

And that's how he came, from one day to another.  I also say everything happens for a reason all the time haha, and I guess it was like that! Becasuse even if the holidays we had together here were totally unexpected, it exceeded our expectations by 200%. 

I can't explain the amount of fun and joy we had. I still have some blog posts related to that pending because we have too many pictures and not enough patience. Lmao. But I feel really happy. And I hope I can travel soon now that I'm fully vaccinated yay! 

And that's it for today!  I wanted this entry to be bubbly and happy, but ended being dramatic. Sorry for that!  I like to joke saying so many things has happened to us during this time, that I could easily write a best seller! I swear, I'm loosing money. 

And thank you so much Nesuki, for this amazing photoshoot! We had a lot of fun together.  We were planning this shoot for such a LONG time. We got our uniforms a long time ago and everything. So I'm happy this finally happened and we shared so many lovely memories together. 

See you in a next blog post!


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  1. This is so heartwarming~ ♥ I'm glad you guys finally got to be together!

    1. Thank you!! I'm so glad too. It was a matter of time ;; ♡

  2. What a beautiful story Reila ♡♡♡ You guys are #goals. I'm glad you finally meet each other after a long time! <3

    1. Thank you amix! T^T♡ We were planning this photoshoot for SO LONG.


    1. hahaha yeah! (〃^▽^〃)♡ And thanks cutie!! I hope we can do more looks together.