Halloween Party with Velvet Gyarusa! 👻

4 de noviembre de 2021

Hey, gals! As you may not, or maybe not (lol), last week I travelled to the Netherlands to stay with Wes for some months so I arrived just in time for Velvet’s Halloween Party! Yay! It was so fun and amazing to finally meet such a cool gals from the Netherlands and Germany. I hope I can keep meeting more during this stay.

So I arrived on Friday directly to keep working but Saturday we all have it free! Ria and Maxima were the first ones to arrive, so we decorated the house with some garlands and paper puppets. We also had some flower ballons and a lot of stuff for the appartment. It was super nice! image image

After a few hours, we started getting together too and began to feel like a gyarusa meetig. imageAll of us doing our makeup together, our hair, dressing up! It was really fun. Sasha and Chris also arrived when we were finishing our makeup and listened to some Eurobeat and more cool music. image

image image

I think one of the best moments was our "Family Portrait". image We really looked like a coven and was so good! image I was also invited to join Velvet Gyarusa during the time in staying here and I'm so excited! Everyone is super nice and it's my first time joining an actual gyarusa.

image Bonus photo! image

Gyarusa complete! With Ari, Lea and Rebecca. This was so wholesome. imageimage


image Outfit breakdown: image
Reila code: Blouse - Local brand  /  JSK - Moon Bastet (custom made)
Wes code: Tee - Vice Fairy  /  Pants: Wild Party  /  Accesories: Diavlo

We also took some outfits shots, of course! I cut my feet because we were all in socks haha so I never got to wear my heels. Which was a good thing, we were also comfy at home. Lol


image Couple pictures! image

image imageAhh~ I was caught by a vampire! imageimage


Act natural! Like nobody is looking! 

After the photoshoot we played one boardgame with magnets we've never tried before. But basically, but one who sticked the magnets together would have to drink, and we all ended up drinking a lot. After being drinking during the afternoon as well! image Haha

And when it was already super late, all gals stayed for a sleepover. We watched Scary Movie 1 image, which was hilarious. I didn't remeber how good was that movie! And we finally went to sleep. image We woke up super late the next day. image Around midday?  To have breakfast/lunch together until everyone had to go home.

It was so nice to have a Gyaru meeting with Velvet! image Can't wait to see them again during the months I'll be staying here.

See ya on the next post!



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  1. You guys look so beautiful and stylish! *_*
    Can't wait to read more of your adventures in the Netherlands! Enjoy a lot cutie <3333

    1. Thank yooou! I'm having a lot of fun here.
      I need to catch up on the blog. ;; <3