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20 de noviembre de 2021

Hi, Gals! (*^^*)♡ How was your week? Here I've been working super much. From Monday to Friday I'm working hard so we're trying to chill out and plan fun things to do together during the weekends. So the last one (actually a couple of weekends ago because I didn't have time to blog or post anything on SNS recently) we went to the mall and I was so excited! Christmas decorations has just started and I love to see all that.

The place we went is called McArthurGlen Designer Outlet, a pretty big mall that was super beautiful and looked like a mini city because everything is open. image In PerΓΊ when you go to malls, everything is closed and there is a lot of buildings, but here it was like a city with small streets and a lot of "mini houses" that in fact were designer stores. Super cute to see!  Not to buy, of course. Everything was super super expensive. 

Thank you lady, for being kind enough to take a picture of us. image

What I like the most was how everything was Christmas themed already so we took a lot of pictures. And we also got in the ferris wheel! It was super big and super pretty... And super romantic too. imageimage

(Tbh that night was really cold. So it was a good idea to bring some turtlenecks and thermic tighs. However! I regret 100% not bringing my black tigh high boots. I only brought the brown ones and now I think I want to buy new boots, but not like the ones I have (because I already have two pairs and it wouldn't make sense to bring other similar ones home). I think I want those winter/rain boots that are just under the knees. They're cute and trendy and works for Onee looks.) 


But coming back to the date, we also found some macarons I wanted to try and good we did!  I've eaten macarons just twice in the past, one in Ladure and another one in a random cafΓ© in my city and I didn't really like them. I felt they were just flavoured sugar.   But this time they were really good! Specially the first one that was called Dutch cookie. WOW! It was super delicious. 

image Candy Cane Wishes And Mistletoe Kisses image


And to close the post, a cute picture of us! ❤ (Ι”Λ†Π·(Λ†⌣Λ†c) 

That saturday we had an amazing night together I'm looking forward to repeat. image Since weekends are the only moment we're totally free to enjoy each other, I'm really happy we're planning plenty of stuff to do. Plus that night I really realized (or assimilated) that we're celebrating Christmas here, together. imageimage It's my fist time so far from home and without my family on Christmas, so I hope we can make something special and memorable... Starting by decorating home! image


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