Gal's Life ♡ Harajuku Fashion Walk México

9 de agosto de 2021

Hi, gals! ♡ Last weekend was the Harajuku Fashion Walk México, an online event Harajuku Gang México has been organizing since the pandemix started because we J-Fashion communities can't have fashion walks since the pandemic started. It's actually the first time I joinin an event from this country so I was really excited to meet new people and learn about the community in México.

As Gyaru we're not really part of the Harajuku Fashion, becasuse meanwhile styles like Decora, Lolita o Visual Kei are concentrated on Takeshita Street (Harajuku/1-Chome), Gals are around Shibuya 109 (2-Chome). So we're not from the same family, but neighbors. 😂

The special guest of the event was Cybr.grl

Since the event was scheduled at 7 pm, that day I woke up not so early to finish my blog posts about the Gyaru Life. (I recommend you to read in case you didn't!) and around 5 pm I videocall with Kiwii and Thabasa to get ready together. This is one of the things I love the most about the Latinoamerican gal comm. More than a community, we're a group of close friends who always find the way to spend time and have fun together. 


The dresscode was full color but as you may know I'm not the most colorful person out there. Everything I wear is pink (or pink with other combos like camel, milk, black or denim) so I tried to do a colorful makeup at least. lipstick* The original idea was to get something like a sunset so one eye was red-pink and the other one purple-blue, but the the pink and purple were so intense the other colors were barely noticable haha. It looks cute though! I really liked the result. It's not something I do that often. 

image image image image  image image

And for my code, my idea was to do a more casual 2000s look in hot pink. Lately my boom are tracksuits and hoodies 王冠 (maybe because I spend too much time at home in comfy clothes haha) so I got a long hoodie and mixed that with some brand for a sexy look. What do you think?  I really liked the sneak peak of the camilose inside the hoddie.

image  image image image image image

image Camisole: MA*RS
image Hoodie: Pepe Jeans
image Shorts: Liz Lisa
image Shoes: Liz Lisa
image Accesories: Liz Lisa

And finally the event started (I finished just in time to join!). It's really hard to be Gyaru and be ready in time! I don't know any gal to can do that haha. 

The event was really nice and there was a lot of people I've never seen before. Most of them were into Decora because the special guest was Cybr.Grl so that was really refreshing after been surrounded by gals on daily basis.  I don't have friends into Decora either, so everything was amazing and colorful. 

We got to talk with Cybr.grl as well, she doesn't speak Spanish but many of us can speak English and there was a translator doing her best as well.

There was a really funny moment when Cybr.grl was sharing her upcoming projects for the J-Fashion community, including Gyaru where I'll be doing a collab with her, however she didn't know I was on the event too so when I introduced myself she was like: OMG!! Reila you're hereeee ~  

We all had the opportunity to introduce ourselves and our codes, so it made me really happy to have Thabasa and Kiwii there with me. We need more Gyaru representation! 

I forgot to take many screenshots of the event, but at least I have this one lol.



In general the event was really fun. There were some good things and bad things like always. I think in general it's really hard to make events in two langages with a good flow, because you have to be translating everything and that makes it difficult to have a non-stop conversation, specially when there are things a little bit more complicated to translate. But the organizers did their best to make it comfortable for everyone and that was really nice. image 

I think that another thing that was a little bit awkward during the event was having to leave and join again every hour because Zoom doesn't allow longer conversations in groups. I remember when I was invited to the HFW Bolivia last year as a guest, they needed a premium account or something like that? Or maybe that event didn't last that much? That one was definitely shorter, because this time we were enjoying the event so much, we stayed there for 3 hours. It finished around 10 pm or later. 

And that was it! I definitely had a fun weekend. 
Do you have online events on your J-Fashion community as well?
Or you join others as an insternational super spyyy? image


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  1. You look absolutely stunning!! I'm fuckin in love with this look omg 😍😍😍

    1. Thank yoooou! Lately I'm enjoying so much wearing casual looks! ヾ(☆▽☆)♡

  2. I feel like this sexy vibe suits you so much omg *3* Also, I loooooooove cybr.grl!!!!! She's such a sweetheart <3333