Living a Gyaru Life pt. 1 ♡ How I live my Gyaru life?

6 de agosto de 2021

Hi, gals! The other day I watched some really cool videos on Tiktok from Kandi Zacc and Chris I REALLY recommend you to watch so I decided to make another response video to share my lifestyle as Gyaru. I think it's really cool how diverse Gyaru can be and how even if you can do a lot of different things, everything is Gyaru focused so in this post I'm going to talk about how's my Gyaru life and what other things you can do to also live a Gyaru life.

0. Beauty & Fashion

I put this as number zero because is the basic of the basics. Fashion and beauty (makeup, hair and nails) are the absolute musts in the style and how most of us start our Gyaru journey. However there's way more than that.

1. Gyaru music & dance

Eurobeat, Techno and Trance a huge among gals and many of them collect those CDs and DVDs. In my case I really like to listen to that music but also dancing ParaPara. I try to dance everyweek to make refilms (cover of ParaPara routines) and every time I can I join ParaPara projects in the Gyaru community or in the International ParaPara community. I also lead the 🌻ParaPara club🌻 in the 109 Discord. Sometimes we have meetings to dance together. I wish we could do it more often. ;;

ギャル♡ParaPara was a project I made at the beginning of this year.

2. Blogging

Blogging was a huge thing around 2008~2013. Most gals in Japan used to share their lives, makeup, codes, gets, and for brands that was the main way to share news with their audiences. Ameblo and Blogcrooz were the social media of the 2010s.

Blogging from their phones was really popular and that's where the use of super cute emojis for blogging comes from. So that's something I do because I really enjoy writing and sharing my Gyaru journey, as well as some educative information for baby gals.

I also follow blogs from other gals like Kieli, Amiman and Clairey & Amy (I'm a secretly big fan of them. Can you imagine having a gal twin? that would be so cool!). And if you want to follow Japanese gals old blogs, Natsumin has a huge masterlist.

Welcome to my face blogging after work!
I'm usually super tired at night but blogging keeps me awake because I enjoy it a lot. ;; <3

3. Shopping

This is a guilty pleasure I have. I always say I'm going to stop because I don't need anything else, but just after that I get a new boom. Recently I was saving because I want to travel, but my new boom are Liz Lisa Doll tracksuit sets (skirts x hoodies) so since I found them for super cheap because I got a couple of them. I hope they arrive soon.

Aren't those sets super pretty? I've been checking Liz Lisa Doll's blog for inspiration.

4. Home Deco

I don't think I have a super gyaru room or home deco as other gals, however I really like it to be pretty and slytish. I also built my room for all the Gyaru things I wanted to do, so I organized it in a way I can dance ParaPara, I can have a huge closet, I can film videos and recently reorganized my vanity as I mention in a previous blog post. So now I finally got all the acrylics needed to finish it.

All the things I wear the most is on top and all the rest on the drawers under my vanity. 

Here I share with you many other scans for inspiration if you want to have a Gyaru room! I hope I can have one like that when I move to live alone. Not so saturared because that gives me anxiety, but really aeshtetically pleasing and see and super cute! 

The most common room themes are zebra or leopard print, hot pinks and Sanrio characters.

And of course, if we're talking about rooms, we talk about home wear! I have quite a few sets to be cute at home and I recently got one with strawberry prints that is so cute! I really want to get more.


5. Gyaru-friendly jobs

This is something not every gal can do, but some of us have jobs that are Gyaru-friendly and allows u to be ourselves. In my case, I work as the Head of Social Media in an advertising agency and we work from home. However before the pandemic I used to go to the office and never really had any problems with dressing up. I went the way I wanted so I used to dress Himekaji on daily basis, which made me super happy! + I would dress up 100% for the agency parties and meetings. Maybe this is not that important for other people, but for me it's super important to have a job that allows me to be gal and understands the way I look is part of my identity so if they hire me, they're hiring the whole package. No gyaru, no Reila! 

And that's it for the first part of this blog posts about the Gyaru life! I still have more points I want to talk about like the Gyaru slang, the Gyaru attitude, even Gyaru pets and babies! But I didn't want this post to be so long. 

Let me know, how you live your Gyaru life? 


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  1. Ahhh sweet heart! This is so so sweet of you! Were totally such big fans of you!!! <3 This is such a great post! I think for me and Amy, the fashion, shopping (when we can)and blogging are huge parts of our gyaru life. We are starting to do more home deco (starting to buy things for when we move out) but like you we can get more into it when we have a place of our own. Always love looking at gyaru room inspo so we can dream up what our future flat will be like... (Definitely living together~!)

    1. Awww ヾ(☆▽☆)♡ you both living together the Gyaru life is such a dream! Let's hope we all can move out soon and have the most beautiful gyaru place. ♡♡♡

  2. I loved this post, thank you for sharing! I totally agree with you on these points and I'm really tired of people neglecting point 0 just to say that it's a vibe or spirit like, no!! It's the whole package and it starts with the makeup, hair, nails, etc.

    1. Exactly! I get the attitude / vibe, it's super important but one thing is connected to the other. Looks without attitude, or attitude without looks neither of those work in my eyes.

  3. I have a question, can I live a gyaru life without showing myself too much online? I have the clothes, makeup and nails, also the music, but Im not a fan of exposing my life online and I don´t know if that makes me less gyaru