#GAL101 - Where to buy press-on nails?

11 de noviembre de 2020

Hi, Gals! Estrenando este nuevo diseño en mi blog, decidí hacer un post casual para compartir mi emoción por las nuevas uñas que me he comprado y estoy esperando a que lleguen. Es la primera vez que compro uñas por internet porque siempre pensé que no me quedarían porque mi uñas y manos son muy pequeñas. Así que decidí empezar con unas baratas. Y si todo sale bien, quiero comenzar a probar tiendas mas especializadas y populares entre gals. Mientras tanto, aquí les dejaré todas las que encontré para inspirarme e inspirarlas. ♡

Hi, Gals! Releasing my new blog design, I decided to do a casual post to share my excitement for the new press-on nails I bought and I'm waiting for to arrive. It's the first time I'm buying nails online because I tought wouldn't fit me since my hands and nails are really small. So I decided to begin with cheap ones and if everything goes ok, I want to try on more specialized and popular gal stores. Meanwhile, here I'll leave all I found to inspire you and myself. ♡


Antes que nada, mi sueño siempre ha sido tener uñas extremadamente largas. Cuando comencé a usar uñas acrílicas (como la de las fotos anteriores), fui usándolas poco a poco cada vez más largas. Sin embargo, luego llegó la pandemia y desde entonces ya no he podido usarlas más. Así que por eso me puse a buscar press-ons que pueda usar solo cuando me vaya a vestir. Y entre tanta búsqueda encontré varias tiendas que me entusiasmaron.

Before anything else, my dream has always been to have extremely long nails. When I began to wear acrylics (the those in the previous pics), I got them longer and longer each time. However, then the pandemic arrived and since then I can't wear them anymore. So that's why I started to look for press-ons I can wear just when dressing up. And after searching so much I found many stores I'm excited about.

Girls Falsenail World

Etsy Stores

Para quienes aún no conozcan Etsy, esta web es como un eBay o un AliExpress pero para profesionales creativos. Así que hay muchísimas tiendas de uñas prehechas o incluso también puedes comprar diseños personalizados. Estas tiendas generalmente tienen tallas, lo cual es lo mejor de todo porque mis dedos son pequeños. Sin embargo, como son diseños hechos a mano, suelen ser un poquito caros. Están entre 20 ~ 40 dólares más envío. Pero si quieren ver opciones más económicas, sigan leyendo. ヽ(^o^)丿

For who doesn't know Etsy, this web is like eBay or AliExpress but for creative professionals. Here you can find many stores with premade or even custom made designs. These stores have sizes most of the time, which is the best because my fingers are really small. However, since this are handmade designs, they're usually pretty pricey. There around 20 ~ 40 dollars plus shipping. But if you want to see more economic options, keep reading. ヽ(^o^)丿

Glitter Festa

YesStyle Stores

Otra web en donde encontré uñas es YesStyle, que es un e-commerce coreano con todo tipo de productos e belleza y moda. Ahí he comprado pestañas y carteras en el pasado. Sin embargo, también tiene ropa y obviamente productos para uñas. Ahí encontré está única tienda con press-ons llamada Glitter Festa. Así que para diseños un poco más sutiles, es una buena opción. Sus precios van entre los 3 - 7 dólares más envío. Aunque creo que por pandemia no tienen envío a Perú, lo normal era que tengan envío gratis por compras desde 35 dólares.

Another web where I found nails is YesStyle, which is a Korean e-commerce with all kind of beauty and fashion products. I've bought lashes and bags in the past. However they also have clothes an obviously nail products. I only found one press-ons store there that is called Glitter Festa. So for pretty subtle designs, this is a good option. Their prices are aroun 3 - 7 dollars plus shipping. I think because of the pandemic they don't have shipping to Peru, but normally it's free shipping for orders since 35 dollars.

EchiQ Official Store

AliExpress Stores

Y finalmente Ali, en donde compro la mitad de mi vida. Claramente iba a buscar aquí las uñas que quería comprarme para probar y espero que lleguen pronto. Aquí he encontrado uñas de diferentes precios, desde 1 - 10 dólares. Depende mucho de cuánta pedrería tenga y qué tan largas sean. Esta vez me compré 5 sets de uñas y el envío me salió 8 dólares porque lo compré todo en la misma tienda. Pero aquí les dejo una lista con más tiendas.

And finally Ali, where I buy half of my life. Clearly I was going to search here the nails I wanted to buy to test them and I hope they arrive soon. Here I've found different prices from 1 - 10 dollars. It depends on how many rhinestones they have and how long are those nails. This time I bought 5 sets of nails and the shipping was 8 dollars because I bought them all together from the same store. But here I'll share a list with more stores.


Y eso es. Ya quiero que lleguen las uñas que me pedí, pero debo espera un mes. Lo normal. Y espero que queden super bonitas y no se despeguen con facilidad porque quiero probar muchos otros modelos. Sobre todo me gustaría probar los de Etsy porque tienen diseños mucho más trabajados, pero son bastante caros incluyendo el envío. Deberé pensar al respecto. ¿Ustedes han comprado press-ons online en el pasado? ¿Qué tal les ha ido?

And that's it. I already want the nails I order to arrive but I have to wait for a month. As usual. I also hope they're super pretty and don't fall easily because I want to try many other designs. Specially the ones on Etsy because they have way better done designs. They're pretty expensive though, specially including the shipping. I should think about it. Have you ever bought press-ons online? How was that? 


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  1. Aahh these inspiration pics are everything!! I can't wait to see you wear the ones you bought! I've never bought custom nails, but I've tried making my own (๑•﹏•). I've been looking at a shop called "Glamour spell nails" on instagram. I reeaaally want a pair!


    1. OK, OMG, I just searched them and I'm shooked. I'm saving them on my Etsy fav stores because they have super beautiful designs (and they're super expensive omg ;;). But yes, I'm so excited. I want my nails to arrive soon!

  2. oh my goooosh I am so tempted to buy some nails now! I'd like to also recommend Aya1gou on etsy! Their designs are super cute and I think they're based in Japan.

    1. Ohhh I have to check that store! I'm super excited. I've even found some local stores so I want to get more.

    Love your simple and clean blog look <3
    Love this post and can't wait to see your nails! What glue do you use? I know some glues work better than others. I wish I could use press on but my job is too stressful on my hands that I won't be able to XD

    1. Thank you so much gorgeous! <3 I really missed to be here.
      Tbh I have no idea which glue I used to wear. I don't know anything about glues for press-ons haha. Luckily I've ordered some extra nails that comes with glue so I'll try. But I will definitely be asking for help. 😭