My favorite Himekaji trends of all time!

11 de diciembre de 2020

I know, I know that when we talk about Himekaji, the first thing we think about is floral prints, dresses an sukepans. However, the style has had many trends during the years and after following many of them, I think I've decided which ones are my favourites and the ones I wear the most. 


1. Floral Dresses

I've always prefered JKSs over OPs because of versatile they are, but even if I began Himekaji loving plain colors, after some years I fell in love with prints, but not all of them. There are many kind of floral prints in Himekaji but for me the best ones are the old-school ones.  2009 - 2012 floral prints from Liz Lisa and Dear my Love (DreamV) were not just the prettiest ones, but also the most iconic in Himekaji. Once I talk about the oldschool style, this is the first thing that comes to my mind. 01


2. Denim 

Tbh denim pieces are a little bit more modern in Himekaji. Before 2010 it was almost impossible to see denim items, but the modern Himekaji has many items like tops and jackets, which I love! I don't think I could wear that with more produced looks, but for daily looks it's really cute to mix casual floral JSKs with denim jackets. I also have a denim bustier similar to the one on the picture, but from Bobon21, and it looks super cute with a blouse underneath! ラブラブ!

3. Monochromatic skirts

I have to accept that I don't like sukepans. I know, it's super weird, but it's not that I dislike them, it's just that I don't find interesting the current ones. Every year they look more and more like Lolita skirts  and I don't like that. !!  I prefer old plain skirts and old sukepans tho. Those ones just made of lace and cotton where the perfect ones to mix with cute blouses full of details. キラキラ


4. Oversized sweaters

These sweaters are the most beautiful thing on earth. I don't have any and maybe that's why I love them so much. I wish I could get some next winter, however they're so big, beautiful, cozy and heavy that I'm pretty sure the shipping would be absurdly expensive. But they're amazing and you can wear them with coats or jackets, and heels or tigh high boots. Best combo! 


5. Cherry & Berry prints

I could not finish this ranking without my loved cherry and berry prints! lizlisa-officialさんのブログ-Image0002.GIF There are many items with these prints, but the most iconic will always be the anual collection from Ank Ruge, followed by the collab of Liz Lisa x My Melody that sometimes has this elements too. I just can't explain my love for cherry and berry prints, but after getting a few I hope I can collect them all. 

Which other Himekaji trends do you like the most?


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  1. YES TO THIS LIST. These are my favorite Himekaji styles as well. Old LL and DreamV have always been on my wishlist XD Say whatever about me but I prefer these styles over new LL. These are the pieces that made me fall in love with Himekaji~

    1. I like both, modern and old-school, but old-school was definitely better imho! The essence, the sould, the heart of Himekaji was on the old designs and everyone can fight me. 🙈💕

  2. We share the same favorite trends!!!! Oversized sweaters / dresses are my jam! I finally got some this year from fashionnova! I recently became obsessed with the cherry print, I feel like I'll never get my hands on it tho ( ;A;) lol
    - Amiman♥

    1. Yasss! I'm so jelly. I really want oversize sweaters and scarfs I can wear with himekaji. It's so pretty and cozy! And please! Let's twins a berry print some day! <3

  3. Omg yesss I LOVE oversized sweaters! I just think it looks so darn cute with a lil' mini skirt or something. One of my fave trends is wearing ugg-style boots with himekaji coords 💖

    1. Yesss They're so and versatile! You can style it in many different ways with accesories and shoes.
      And ps, ugg boots look amazing on you! 💖💖💖 I could never hahaha.