Gal's Life ♡ Shopping spree + Independence Day

30 de julio de 2021

Hi, Gals! ♡ How's been your week? Here it's holidays for independence day so today and yesterday I rested a lot and went shopping with my parents. This independence day we also celebrated the announcement of the new president and all the ceremonies involved. I don't know how's that in other countries or families, here at home we're super into politics so we've been watching everything related. But today I won't talk about that, I'll pass to the fun stuff: Shopping spree!

Tee: Liz Lisa
Cardigan: Ank Rouge
Skirt: W♡C
Shoes: Liz Lisa

Originally we wanted to go out for breakfast in a cute hotel I wanted to try out but I overslept so I dresses up when I woke up (around midday) and we decided to go out for lunch. + My mother told me I should buy new sneakers for the gym so I accepted and that was the plan for the day. 

We had tex-mex food for lunch. I ordered some chips with guacamole, tacos and french fries and my father ordered some ribs with french fries. My mother as usual was too healthy to eat fried food with us.  

After lunch we went to buy the sneakers and tbh I already knew what I wanted to buy. I've been getting the same model of sneakers for the last 10-12 years. Lol. I always get the same black ones to train so I was just looking for that one. 

Then we moved to Aruma (a beauty supplies store) while my father was buying clothes so we could save some time. I wanted to buy my shampoo and conditioner because I don't have any left! This week I've been washing my hair with some random shampoo and conditioner I found on the bathroom. 

 Yep, I got my conditioner, didn't find shampoo and got a bunch of other things haha.

I've tried those L'Oreal face masks before and I really like them! I so got a couple of them because they're a bit expensive and found those Korean onesas well that were cheaper so got some of them to try. The L'Oreal ones are from hialuronic acid and vitamin c (which are actives I already have on my skincare routine) and the other ones are made with collagen (which I already take in pill as well). Everything to stay young and healthy. 

And yeah~ I got a hoodie! Next weekend is the Harajuku Fashion Walk Mexico and the dress code is colorful so I was not sure which code I want to make but thought about some 2010ish Tralala look. They had codes that where a mix between Himekaji and Amekaji, so I could make something. 

And finally we went to Miniso! Yay!  I wanted some hungers for my bags but they didn't have them on stock so I bought a bunch of other stuff. Good thing is that I found those acrylics I wanted for a long time but they were super expensive everywhere and here they had cheaper prices so got some. But today I got even more because they were not enough. So good they have an online store.

And some Sanrio items! Isn't that Cinnamonroll super cute?  Lately I'm liking a little bit more Sanrio characters, and my favorite are My Melody and Cinnamonroll because they match well my aesthetic. I still dislike Hello Kitty but meh~  I found that pink razor and decided to give it a try. I've never used one of those before so wish me luck! 

Now I've ordered more acrylics and I also saw Miniso has a line of makeup, so I ordered some of their eyeshadows to try them on. They look super cute just like the Addiction and Rom&nd ones.

I really want to organize my vanity with acrylics on top because at this point I have so many eyeshadow palettes I have no more space on the drawers and I've storaged half of them in a basket on my wardrobe. This is my inspiration! I think I can do something like that! 

最近こういう動画多いからやってみたかっただけ #コスメオタク#コスメ収納#コスメ#女子高生

♬ オリジナル楽曲 - わいはグリンピースが嫌い - もっも
Until now I've just organized a little corner haha. But it's better than nothing. After that I'll go with the drawers and the two sections above my vanity for supplies.

What do you think? I'm also trying a new format for this blog post and I'm still thinking how I feel about it. I could keep it for my Gal's Life category. Idk, because for the GAL101 I'm still too perfectionist. 

See you on the next post! 


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  1. I love your look that Ank Rouge cardigan is so cute. Also I love your make up organising <3 having it on show looks so pretty I have mine hidden away a bit so its hard to get inspired.

    1. Thank yooou and yes! This past weekend I finished to organize my makeup and what a difference! I see it and I want to do my makeup haha. Ah, I need to blog about it haha.

  2. Always love your looks! So cute!♥
    You got lots of nice stuff!!! Especially from Miniso. And yeah I want acrylic drawers like that for my stuff too XD I condensed a lot so something like that would be perfect!

    1. Yess I'm so happyyy. You should get them! It definitely feel good to have a nice display.

  3. Tu outfit 10/10 como siempre *_* te queda genial <3 esa falda de W♡C es tan icónica.. me encanta <3

    Y qué buena tarde de compras! cuántas cositas *w* prometo que cuando me mude a un piso más grande me animaré a tenerlo todo bien organizado y no metido apretujado en estuches de maquillaje xDDDDD

    Besitos Reila! <3

    1. Hahaha same! Me muero por mudarme sola para tener todo el espacio que necesito para mis cosas.

      *3* <3