Japanese food + casual Liz Lisa co*de

20 de diciembre de 2020

Hi, Gals! Somehow today I got a last boost of energy just when I decided to go to bed so I decided to write a small blog post aka. story time of my day. I don’t usually go out, but today I had a full day out having lots of fun with friends.

I started my day doing my makeup on camera with my precious gals from GyaruGO! 💖 From time to time we get together to do our makeup on video calls and it’s so much fun! There is nothing better than spending your time full of laughs with friends. So I took that time to get ready to my main date. And by that time I already did something I never thought I would do: Cutting my bangs. I’m super loyal to my hair stylist and usually she’s the only one who comes to cut my hair but I just got crazy. What do you think about this change? 

Coord ♡

Top & shorts: Liz Lisa
Cardigan: Ank Rouge
Shoes & thighs: AliExpress 

So once I was ready I went to meet my friend for our super nice date... to the dentist. 🤡🦷 We had many things to check, specially me because after removing my braces I like to go pretty often to be sure my teeth are still perfect! And they were. So after knowing everything was ok, but headed to our main place: Kaikan! A delicious Japanese restaurant I really like and haven’t visited for a long long long time.

Kaikan is my second favorite Japanese restaurant after Naruto, another restaurant whose ramens are loyal to the Japanese ones. But the good thing about Kaikan is that is bigger and their menu is larger too.

We ordered a few things to eat together and they were the right decision! We could barely finish everything. It was a lot!   We ordered: Tonkotsu ramen + gyoza + salmon maki (sushi).


I can’t decide which dish was my favorite because all of then were so delicious! But probably because the day was really cold (and I love soups) I would go with the ramen. It was really hard to choose between Miso, Shoyu and Tonkotsu! But I eat more often the first two so it was time to treat myself. 

After a lot of chit chat. And I mean A LOT. We also took some pictures on the second area of the restaurant, which is the one I like the most.  (´・ω・`) 



I also got my Act. 1 (Taemin’s last album part one), and sadly I’m still waiting for the Act. 2. I just hope I can receive it soon and before the year ends. Tae es my ultimate bias and SHINee the only one boy band I follow since debut (12 years ago!!) so I’m super excited every release from my boys. 


And that was my unsual pandemic weekend. Did you do something special these days?


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  1. Omg! So gorgeous!♥ You did an amazing job!!!! Absolutely stunning~

    1. Aww thank you!!! It's the first time I cut my own hair so I was afraid of ruinning it. Haha

  2. Your Hair ♥ your Make-up ♥ Your Outfit ♥ This is everything! You are so cute ♥_♥

    1. Tysm Tamy! 🥰💖 You're so sweet. I'm really happy with how this turned out.

  3. Love the hair!! The food looks so yummy~ And I squealed at Taemin omg ♥ but yea waiting on albums to arrive is super stressful for me too lol
    - Amiman♥