Merry Christmas! ♡ Presents and gets haul

26 de diciembre de 2020

Merry Christmas, Gals! 🎄🎁 How were your Christmas celebrations? I’ve been seeing so many amazing photos of gal looks and makeups and gets that they motivated me to do this post. So I'm really excited of this.

At the beginning I was thinking about taking some pictures of my look too, however here we get together to celebrate really late at night for dinner and then we take pictures at midnight so I was already too tired and feeling a bit sick. But I could take pictures of my nails and clothes at least! Did you saw it on my Instagram? I was really excited with them.

♡ Coord ♡
JSK: Ank Rouge
Blouse: Liz Lisa
Shoes: H&M

Press-ons by: Nails by Valeria Moreno (Instagram)

I already knew some (most) of the presents I was receiving because I'm a damn complicated person and my parents always ask me what I want they can actually get by themselves (no online shopping haha), but some other surprised me so much! And I also get to receive some orders I made I was expecting to arrive on Christmas so I'm super happy with that. image

So usually for me Christmas is the whole week. Because when you order stuff online, you never know when it's going to arrive haha. image lizlisa-officialさんのブログ-Image0028.GIFI even have another massive order from Taobao but sadly it's taking a lot of time to arrive because of pandemic. image So the first thing that arrived was makeup. More and more makeup.

  • Anastasia Beverly Hills - Alyssa Edwards Palette (Limited Edition)
  • Colourpop Liquid Eyeshadows (x 6)
  • IT Cosmetics - Bye Bye Pores Pressed Powders
  • MAC Cosmetics - Wow-Factor Eye Kit (2 eye shadows, eyeliner, eyelash mascara, pouch)
  • Natura - UNA Hypoallergenic Nail Polish

The first palette was a one I wanted since it was released but here it's hard to get ABH products. Luckily a friend of mine was selling it and I decided to treat myself for Christmas with that. But guess what? She also sent me the Colourpop eye shadows and pressed powders as a present and I was so excited! image I've already swatched them and they're a-ma-zing. Specially the gold and ivory liquid shadows are absolutely perfect for the eyebag. 

Then I got a huge surprise from babe just in time for Christmas, the eye products kit from MAC. That was super cute and came with a lovely wintery pouch for makeup I'm definitely going to use really well because it's big and I always take a lot of makeup with me when I have too. Haha. lizlisa-officialさんのブログ-Image0015.GIF The shadows are super cute also, but the eyeliner was exactly the gel pencil I wear so, everything is perfect. I'm happy. image

Oh, and the orange litte box was a gift from Natura and Rappi. It arrived on monday and I didn't know who was sending that. I asked babe in case that was another present (lol) but then I talked to Natura and it was a little Christmas present from them and Rappi (an app like Uber Eats). That was a super cute detail!  Considering how much food I've been ordering the whole year. Tehe.

  • Juvia's Place - The Mauves
  • Juvia's Place - The Berries
  • Sunglasses
  • Top toons - T-shit 
  • Olaplex N° 3
  • Olaplex N° 7

Yes, more makeup. I actually was thinking about just getting the ABH palette, but I saw these ones and decided to get them too because it's Christmas. I don't have to hold wallet from treating myself. So I finally got my first two Juvia's palettes. A dream come true.  I also got sunglasses from my mom, because I needed good sunglasses to protect me from UV rays (I always thought if I am too much time under the sun, my circle lenses could melt in my eyes).

I also got a tee from my bro. I was looking around all my house where was the damn tee, which is super cute! It's a Stitch eating a ¥500 ramen. Lmao. Then I noticed I'm wearing it. image

And from my mom and grandma I got my loved Olapex N°3 and N°7. lizlisa-officialさんのブログ-Image0002.GIF If you don't know Olaplex, it's a professional haircare brand, originally for bleaching, now they have more numbers (shampoo, considioner, etc.). I bleach and treat my hair with Olaplex with my colorist, but I ran out of my N°3 (weekly treatment) a couple of months ago and I really wanted to try their N°7 (bonding oil).  So come on healthier hair! 

My last presents were from me too. Haha. I actually got new sneakers for my mom because she loves and collects sneakers but I saw these ones too and got both for a good price. It's been a while since I want to dress more casual Himekaji looks with cute sneakers, so I'm glad I got these ones. image And today my parents took me to the postal office because a package just arrived. I ordered some time ago a couple of sweaters from Aliexpress I wanted for winter. And they're so good! Specially the knitted one is super thick and cozy. 

And last but not least. (I almost forget it ) My cousin made the cutest bracelet with my name. I'm not taking it out anymore. ♡

So these were my presents! I hope the ones that are still on its way arrive soon. Let's pray for that! And I hope you all had amazing presents too and a special time in family. What did you get this year? 🎁



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  1. Hope you're feeling better!
    But that's amazing! So many thoughtful and really nice gifts!
    I love your coord. It's so you♥ And those nails are to die for.
    Also, really loving your blog theme~

    1. Thank you cutie! I'm definitely feeling better after a lot of rest watching Netflix haha. And I'm glad you like everything. I actually just change the background and looks so different now! I'm still trying to figure it out how to make the logo work on it. ♡ Happy holidays!

  2. Your nails are so festive! Love it. You got some wonderful gifts!

    1. Thank you! And yes I was waiting so much to wear these nails! ♡
      Happy holidays!

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