60 Gyaru WhatsApp stickers for gals and couples ♡

10 de marzo de 2021

Hi, Gals! Since last year I've been wanting to make Gyaru stickers and I already made some, just a few I was using with friends while I was testing which would be the ideal app the make stickers until I found the one I wanted. So here I share with you a couple of packs of stickers for WhatsApp so you can gyarufy your messages everyday. 💗

You may be asking how do you can dowload these stickes and install them? So I'm going to explain this to you. It's super easy! 

How to download and install?

  1. Download the pack of stickers you want the most. Find them here: Gal's Life + Gal's Love They have 30 stickers each.
  2. To install the stickers on your WhatsApp you have to download and install the app Sticker Maker. It's available for Android and iOS.
  3. Finally just go to the pack you downloaded on the first step and open it. It will take you to the Sticker Maker app and you will see the option "Add to WhatsApp". 

And you're done! Just three steps. Once you have the stickers on your WhatsApp you can delete the Sticker Maker app if you want. It's not like those other apps you have to keep with you all the time to have access to your stickers packs.

Hope you enjoy these packs! This time I just wanted to make a small blog post to give you these stickers as a present for all the fun we've been having together on social media. So thank you so much! And let me know if you'd like me to do a second part with more.  


4 comentarios

  1. *___* looooove it! muchísimas gracias por el currazo de recopilar todos los stickers, me los voy a descargar ahora mismo! <3

    1. Yeah! Que bueno que te hayan gustado. ♡♡♡