March Gets! ♡ Clothes, shoes, magazines and more.

31 de marzo de 2021

Hi, Gals! ♡ Today's just a casual blog about my recent gets. I actually was supposed to not order that much but at the end I finished ordering a lot of stuff and I don't regret nothing. Oopsie! I actually wanted to share my look for the third week of the Himekaji Coordinate Challenge but recently I'm on my finals at my classes so I haven't had enough time for that. Luckily this week I finished my studies and Thursday and Friday are holidays so expect a lot of things this long weekend! So without further ado~ Let's start!

♡ March gets! ♡

I first made my monthly order of brand. I already had some pieces that I was waiting to combine for the shipping so I'm glad they all arrive this month.


For clothes and accesories I got:
  • Liz Lisa denim skirt
  • Liz Lisa knitted top
  • Liz Lisa necklaces (x2)
  • Ank Rouge strawberry gingham skirt
  • Ank Rouge animal print cardigan
  • Ank Rouge strawberry parfair skirt

And actually the last Ank Rouge skirt I got it from a local girl who randomly had that skirt. Lol. So I obviously got it! 

For catalogues I got some from Liz Lisa and Ank Rouge. I specially wanted the 10th Anniversary Liz Lisa mook because it's super complete, but it blew my mind to see how big it is! It's even bigger than the current gal magazines.  And the other catalogue I was expecting to get is the Ank Rouge Candy Girl Shop one because most of the skirts and JSKs I have from Ank Rouge are from that collection and I hope I can keep hunting more items. 

  • Liz Lisa 2010 Spring Collection - Love Tough Galtry Classic American
  • Liz Lisa 2020 Summer Collection - Tropical Vacation California Girly
  • Tralala & Liz Lisa Doll 2020 Summer Collection
  • Ank Rouge 2013 Spring Collection - Prima Donna
  • Ank Rouge 2014 S/S Collection #2 - Candy Shop Girl
  • Ank Rouge 2014 Summer Collection #3
  • Ank Rouge 2014 September Autumn Collection - Fairy Tale
  • Ank Rouge 2014 November Winter Collection
  • Ank Rouge 2016 Autumn Collection - Innocent Black Coquettish Girly & Street Girly

I also got new circle lenses because since the pandemic started I wasn't able to find any store that sends them to my country so looking at Lea's pictures and her always beautiful makeup and lenses I remember buying them from Japan was an option too, so I decided to buy 1-day lenses for the first time and they are... AMAZING and bigger than I thought so I'm definitely buying again. Thank you for guiding me, Lea!

The box comes with 5 pairs but I already wore 2 of them. I need more! 

Then just because I couldn't stop myself and I've been wanting to get summer white shoes for a long time, I also got these ones from AliExpress and they're PERFECT. I always say that but I love buying shoes from AliExpress. I've never had problems with that and now I just want more. ;;

Oh! I almost forget that a few weeks ago a gal was seeling her old Popteens so I got 5 of them. Little secret, it was a pain in the ass to pick them up from the post office because they were supposed to arrive home but when they arrived they were stucked on the main office that it's at the other side of the city. You maybe be asking why? And it was because they don't deliver parcels with more than 2kg. So I went at 7 am before working and guess what? My parcel was 2.1 kg. So I had to cross the city for 100 gr. But it was worthy! These magazines are the best but I hate my postal office. /cries.

These super cute magazines came with that little pouch and makeup as a gift so thank you so much! I didn't expect that. ;; Plus I also forgot to say I got a MA*RS shopper bag with my first order, so I took the photo here. I'm happy. 🥰

So that was all for today. Dou you also have new gets? Tell me in the comments.


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  1. It's your fault and Sue's that now I am part of the gyaru shopping club ♥ (It's okay, I forgive you lol♥)
    Can't wait to see coords with that Strawberry Parfait print!

    PS: I'm on a Popteen kind of mood too, hope to get my magazines soon and perhaps see if I can find even more♥

    1. Hahaha sorry not sorry. ♡ I already know in which coord I'm going to wear that skirt hihihi. I had that in mind for the himekaji challenge.

  2. Lovely stuff! I would like to buy some new clothes too 🌸

    Blog de la Licorne *

    1. You should do it! Getting new stuff always bring happiness. ♡

  3. Wahhhh everyone is finding that Liz Lisa 10th anniversary issue and I can never get my hands on it ;_; You're so lucky! I always have no luck shopping now T_T

    1. I actually found it casually! I was looking for catalogues for inspo and saw that one. I was so surprised and excited! I bought that inmediately haha Didn't want to wait to get it in my hands. T T ♡ If I find it again, I'll share the link with you!

    2. Wahhhh thank you 💖💖💖

  4. That Ank Rouge cardigan omgggg!! And I bought a few cheap tops out of the mall last week. I'm thinking some will work for tsuyome looks and the others for himekaji..maybe I can put a few coords together for a post 🤔
    - Amiman♥

    1. Yes yes yes, please! I love seeing new gets from gals. ♡(。- ω -) Can't wait to see you in those looks.

  5. Hahahaha me pasa lo mismo que a ti! mi intención no es comprar mucho y al final acabo con un pedido quilométrico ┐( ̄∀ ̄)┌

    Me encantan todas las compras! es un auténtico vicio buscar los catálogos/mooks de tus marcas preferidas, mucho mejor que cualquier revista la verdad! :3

    Un besito Reila! <3

    1. Siii, encima que es adictivo, hay que pedir más para que el envío valga la pena lol. Y de hecho sí, los catálogos sirven más que las revistas. Tipo, me gustan las revistas pero no hay mucho himkekaji para ver, peor aún en las últimas que están saliendo donde el Himekaji ya solo no existe. (。T ω T。)

      Besitos para ti también! ♡