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2 de marzo de 2021

So~ A long time ago I started this  blogging challenge and then forgot it completely haha. Which means it's time to come back and continue with the promps I actually found super fun to do. And if you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend it: 10 weeks of Gyaru blogging. So today's theme is:

My fav makeup products

I think my main products change from time to time, specially because of the weather and the status of my skin. Lately my skin isn't that oily anymore so I'm not abusing of powders as I used to do and I'm wearing more cream products to set carefully, rather to bake my face.

So today I'm going to introduce you my top favorite items I love to wear. 

 Colourpop - No filter matte concealer 
I received this product as a present and I think it's one of the darkest shades Colourpop has so, of course, I can't wear it as concealer. I wear this cream product for contouring and it's a-ma-zing. Even if it's supposed to be matte, it doesn't really dries your skin, it just that this product dries really fast. So I have to apply and blend inmediately, but the finish is gorgeous and the shade perfect for my skin tone.

 Essence - Color correcting loose setting powders
When the brand lunched this product in Peru, I was invited to the brunch their organized so I got most products from this collection. However after wearing them all I just sticked with two of them. Their concealer and these powders. I used to wear Kryolan loose powders for baking but they are too dry for my current skin so I switched to this ones that are more natural. It was a great decision. 

 Bobbi Brown - Highlighting powder #sunrise flow
I have a few highlighters from Bobbi Brown that I really like thanks to my cousin who used to get me their products, but this one is definitely my favorite. This brand is more focused on natural makeup, so most of their highlighters are pretty natural. But this one~ Its duochromatic shade between pink and gold is gorgeous and it reflects the light super good but it doesn't reflect that much to actually show up your pores. 

 Anastasia Beverly Hills - Alyssa Edwards eyeshadows palette
I got this eyeshadow palette for Chrismas and I'm really happy I did. It has all my basic colors (browns and pinks) but also black and white so it's basically all I need for eyeshadows and eye bags. It also has more extravagant colors like purple or blue I'm excited to try.  I also like the texture is more creamy than the old dusty ABH shadows.

 MAC Viva Glam 25th Anniversary
Tbh I was never a fan of MAC lipsticks because here everyone go crazy over them to the point you don't want to know anything about this brand anymore.  But I was interested on Viva Glam because 100% of the price goes to support women rights and LGBTQ+ communities, so I bought this special edition and fell in love with the color. I used to prefer more vibrant cherry red lipglosses, but now this is my fav color and the only lipstick I have. 

 Colourpop - Supernova liquid glitter eyeshadow #walk of fame
Ok, I have many of these liquid eyeshadows but this shade in particular is perfection. I always wanted liquid eyeshadows because the finish is gorgeous but I couldn't afford Stilla and I didn't want to wait to buy from Etude House. Plus I'm not a big fan of that brand. So when a friend of mine gave me these ones for Christmas I was so happy! I've just started to wear those a few days ago and I find them better than glitter liners for the eyebags. I'm obssesed. 

And bonus: My current favorite lashes!

 Liz Lisa Chambre a Coucher upper lashes
I certainly think after trying offbrand lashes and Diamond Lash ones, these ones from Liz Lisa are my current favorite. And it's not because I'm biased. Or am I? But the shape is so good! Usually with other lashes I have to stack them with big and thick lashes to make them noticable on my eyes, but this ones I can stack them with natural lashes just to make the lenght longer and that's it. Cute cute cute!

Which are your current favorite beauty or makeup products? Would you recommend me any other? 


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  1. That lipstick has such a lovely cover 🌸

    Blog de la Licorne *

    1. Yes! That edition is the best version.
      PS. Such a lovely blog you have! OMG ♡

  2. Lots of great products here! I love Colourpop products. I was living for their very light concealer for a while when I was all into Manba lol.

    1. Me too! I used to be obssesed with Colorupop lipglosses! Sadly because of pandemic it's harder to order from them and now they have such a lovely collabs! ;; ♡

  3. Qué de productos tan interesantes! Me estoy empezando a adentrar en el mundo de las paletas (llevo usando años la misma paleta de Canmake y ya me aburre un poco >_<) y la de Alyssa que comentas se ve muy completa, le echaré un vistazo juju (¬‿¬ )

    Por cierto, te quedan súper bonitas las composiciones que haces siempre con los productos y la ropa! *_*

    1. Las paletas actuales de ABH son buenazas porque han cambiado la fórmula para que no sean tan polvozas. Así que top top top. Además, en fechas tienen ofertas super buenas. ♡( ◡‿◡ )