Strawberry shortcake co*de ♡ Weekly Coordinate Challenge

7 de marzo de 2021

Hi, Gals! ♡ With our cute Himekaji community we're doing a 7 weeks themed challenge for put together different Himekaji looks. So from now on I'll be sharing lovely looks I'm super excited to do. So for this first week the theme is:

Create a coordinate inspired by your favorite character.


So let me tell you the truth, I don't have a favorite character. Haha. But I do have a couple of characters that inspire me a lot because of their aesthetics and they are Strawberry Shortcake (USA, 1973) and Sarah Kay (Australia, 1980). When my mom was a kid she used to collect stationery from them (specially letter papers and envelops) and when I was a kid I used to do that too. But growing up I completly forgot about that and now thanks to Himekaji I'm liking it again because the aesthetic of those illustrations inspire my a lot. Even if it's more on the Cottage Core or Mori Kei side of it, I like how that looks on my mind. So I chose to do Strawberry Shortcake inpired co*de for today!


Strawberry Shortcake is pettit, has a strawberry inspired outfit, she's super positive and cheesy and likes sweet stuff so I tried to do something realted to that. 

OP: Ank Rouge Straeberry Parfair OP
Cutsew: Ank Rouge
Shoes: H&M
Hair band: Taobao

I chose this straeberry partfait print from Ank Rouge I find super cute and matched that with a hair band I recentely got on Taobao. You can see it on the latest haul video I made where I also talk about this Ank Rouge cutsew I'm wearing a lot because it matches all my clothes haha. I'm obssesed with Ank Rouge basics, I want more. 

I also did chose to have blue contacts today because I don't usually wear those and I thought it would make a nice contraste with my hair to make me eyes pop more than usual. And I think I made a good decision. The rest of my makeup is full pink cherry monochromatic. That's my fav kind of makeup! But I hope I can try more colots the next weeks. 


I also try to do "something" with my hair and I don't dislike it but I want to keep trying. Haha. I made those S waves really common in Larme because I love Saaya Hayashida hairstyles and specially the hair she styles hair bangs with a super big curve to make it look shorter. Today I cut my bangs because they were too long and with the iron I made them look shorter and wavy. I like it!

The only thing I'm missing are my nails.  I'm still waiting for the last sets I ordered. So next week I'll bring a new complete look for the next theme which is a Monotone Theme Coordinate. And that's my specialty! Because I love creating monochrome looks. I haven't decide if I'll go all pink or all ivory though. Which one do you think will be the best option? 

Wanting to join this challenge? You can find all the prompts we have on the Himekaji Girls Instagram account. I highly recommend you follow them to be updated on our activities and to be featured using the hashtag #himekajigirls.


6 comentarios

  1. *_____* Guapísima como siempre! el outfit es 10/10.

    Que bien que vayan saliendo cada x tiempo estos challenges, me encanta ver y admirar lo estilosxs que salís todxs! Seguí hace tiempo tu challenge de maquillaje y me encantó, y este seguro que también va a ser genial <333

    Besitos! ヽ(>∀<☆)ノ

    1. ¡Graciasss! Una vez pase este challenge espero que podamos tener otro challenge de maquillaje entre nosotras. Que de hecho ya lo tengo avanzado, pero justo salió este y quería hacerlo también haha.

  2. Aaah such a cute co*de! Plus your hair works really well with the strawberry theme tehe

    1. Thank you! I wanted to do a strawberry look so much! ♡

  3. You look like a strawberry dream♥ I love this!!!

    1. Thank you! I really wanted to do a stawberry look! ♡