Roses and blackout co*de ♡ Weekly Coordinate Challenge

14 de abril de 2021

Going back to the Himekaji Weekly Coordinate Challenge, and taking a break from work because today I stayed working until 8 pm and I just tired af, I'm sharing with you my fouth Himekaji co*de that I had no idea how to put together so I did it the best I could.

Create a coordinate that hints a secret hobby you have

So I don't have a secret hobby. You can see on my Facebook profile my hobbies are: Eating, Napping, Blogging and Dancing. So first I thought about doing some kind of ballerina look, but I don't have nothing like that. My second option was a strawberry dessert co*de because I like eating, but desserts are not my favorite things to eat. So at the end I just went with blogging and decide to blog about that.

I hope you liked this look because it was planning to go outside again to do take some cute pictures like the previous weeks but.. Bam! Just when I finished to do my makeup we had a power blackout. Yes, everything went dark and I couldn't do anything but waiting and watching Tiktoks until my phone was about to die.  However I just took that as a funny thing and took some pictures after deciding to blog about that. We have to face ugly moments with a smile, right? 

So this is how I waited for some hours without knowing is the electricity was going to come back soon or not. Usually if the electricity company need to fix something, they schedule specific hours for that. Specially super early in the morning because we don't need lights, but this time the blackout took us by surprise. So bad. 

But around midnight the lights came back and I decided to dress up and took fast pictures in my room beforre going to sleep. 

Dress: Liz Lisa
Shoes: AliExpress
Hair clip: Offbrand

I really liked how this co*de came out so the next day I went to vote with that outfit haha. I missed so much dressing up to go out! Last sunday we had almost 30°C, the weather was super hot and sunny and after staying so much at home because of pandemic I enjoyed that as you can't imagine. The summer here is pretty unconfortable because of the high humidity but I'm already missing feeling the sun over my skin and getting a healthy tan. 

So that was it for today! I hope you like this casual blog post. Definitely easier to read than the previous one! And as I usually say, you can follow and join this challenge with the hashtag #himekajigirls on Instagram. 

Oh, and before I forget it, I also joined a Kpop challenge with my dance cover group. We're posting videos everyday all April but I'll be joining with four choreos, two of them are already posted. I'm joining once a week. If you want to check the Kpop in the house Challenge, here I'll share with you my posted songs (click to go to the video!)

See you on the next post! 


4 comentarios

  1. Wow that sucks about the power outage. Dx
    You look so cute!

    1. Thank you! Yeah, nobody expected that. So good it's in the past. (。•́︿•̀。)

  2. Loooove the look! the dress's pattern is super cute *-*
    I'm also following the Kpop challenge, it's so cool! You dance very well (* ^ ω ^)

    1. Yaaaay gracias! ヾ(☆▽☆)
      I'm having so much fun dancing. I feel like a teenager again.