Cherry red co*de + New makeup tutorial!

27 de abril de 2021

Hey, gals! How was your weekend? ♡ I think this is the first time I make a post with no Gyaru makeup ( 〃▽〃) but I missed blogging casually so who cares? After a long week full of work I'm motivated to write. 

The past two weeks have been super busy and crazy here but finally everything is going back to normal and I have more time to create content again. I was missing Insta and my blog so much! I also had some videos I wanted to edit but I had to wait for that. Until today! (or tonight).

This last weekend was the Fairytale forest tea party I talked about on my previous blog post and on Sunday I filmed my last individual video for the Kpop Challenge I have with my dance group. The theme was a cute song so I chose a song I've liked for many years but I never had the opportunity to dance. On my dance group we had a sub-unit called Gigapuri (named like that because of the viral japanese commercial Giga Pudding lmao) and we used to dance Orange Caramel songs only. 

So this time I chose to dance Abing Abing looking for a song I could dance in Himekaji. I never dance in Himekaji because the silhouette it's not one that looks really flattering while dancing and that's also why I don't dance ParaPara in Himekaji. But I love Himekaji so much, I decided to make it through this song. image

Cutsew: Ank Rouge
Skirt: Ank Rouge
Shoes: AliExpress
Accesories: Taobao

I've also been testing new ways to edit my pictures because my room is not always organized haha. But it looks good don't you think? I think I've found my way to edit pictures and the aesthetic I want to keep with my photos. Full white, green nature in high contrast with a golden tan skin and pink hair is now my jam. 

The last weekends that I've been going out to the gardens or the parking to make videos under the sun have been so good! I didn't notice how much I was missing to feel the sun all over me. And since I get tan easily now my skin is more gold and I looooove it. 


I also published a new YouTube video! This time I'm following Momoa Seto's eye makeup tutorial. So I'm trying a complete different makeup look! Hope you like it and tell me what do you think about it. 

I've been thinking about making "Tryin Gyaru makeup" a series where I try different Japanes gal's makeup each time. Would you like it? Let m know in the comments and see you on the next blog post!


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  1. Respuestas
    1. Thank you! And I loved your blog post as well. I have oily pron acne skin and I've been looking for sheet masks to complement my skincare routine. (´꒳`)♡ Sadly I couldn't comment because I need an acount but I'm watching you video. ♡

  2. Acabo de ver el vídeo! (no me había dado tiempo todavía ;o;) y aaaaaahhhh me encanta como te queda el maquillaje! si se ve diferente al que usas de normal pero te sienta muy bien! :D Y coincido, se ve súper extraño llevar pestañas en un ojo y en el otro pintadas con eyeliner, es muy wtf xD

    1. Hahaha siii, me da curiosidad saber japonés solo para entender por qué hizo un ojo pintado y el otro no. Lol. Pero graciassss. Ya quiero probar otros maquillajes. (♡°▽°♡)