Black cherry co*de ♡ Weekly Coordinate Challenge

1 de abril de 2021

Week three of the Himekaji Coordinate Challenge and this time the we had to do a co*de using a dark color palette so once I read that I was like: This is my moment! I don't usually wear black for Himekaji but I LOVE black, it's my favorite color and I have tones of black clothes I haven't been wearing so this was the perfect opportunity.

Create a coordinate using a darker color palette


So as you may know, black is not a common color in Himekaji. It's trendy on sweet & girly (aka. Larme) looks, but it's not really part of the Himekaji color palette and that's why I don't really wear it in the style. But this time I really wanted to make it work and since I just received this mini skirt from Ank Rouge I think I put it together. What do you think? Can this be considered kurohimekaji? Because I really like it! Haha

Blouse: Moon Bastet
Skirt: Ank Rouge
Shoes & socks: Offrband
Bag: H&M


For this look I also tried to do overnight heatless waves. Last time I did it with a robe tie and the curls were increible dense and lasted me like two days, I was shooked and in love, so I wanted to try again but with a thicker robe for looser curls and see if that works.  So I used tigh high socks and braided them with my hair... Another tigh high socks of course. Haha. And this was the result! Looks cute, isn't it? I like the natural look they have. I also put my hair to the side to this day I was not wearing bangs. We could say this looks had a pinch of sexyness. 


And finally I also changed my makeup a little bit. It doesn't show that much on the pictures but I tried a new makeup some days ago and at the end I decided to update my own because I really liked the result so if you're interested in that, I'll be uploading that video soon! It was really fun to do and it was the kind of content I've never done before. 

So that was my look for this week! I hope you like and remember you can join this challenge as well following the promps made assigned and using the hashtag #himekajigirls.

Next week I'll the the day 4, a co*de inspired by a hobby of mine so I don't know yet what I'm going to do because my hobbies are napping, eating and dancing lol.


6 comentarios

  1. You look so pretty!♥ I love this whole coord! I remember LL trying black a few times but it was so rare even in older collections lol. I would love to see more of it!

    1. Thank yooou! Yes, black is so rare in Himekaji, I'm happy I got to put together a look like this. Now I want more. ʕಠᴥಠʔ

  2. I really need to hop on this challenge, but I still have to finish the other one I've been so lazy (ToT) lol. And this outfit!! Black looks amazing on you~
    - Amiman♥

    1. You should! I hope more gals can join us in this challenge. We're not that many gyaru in Himekaji anymore so it's really nice when others join us. And your looks are the cutest! ♡

  3. WOOOW! me encanta el outfit, el negro te sienta fenomenal! Y aunque sea un color atípico dentro del estilo, yo lo veo súper elegante y también sweet! Estoy contigo, deberías instaurar el sub-estilo kurohimekaji ♥


    1. Yaaay, ¡gracias! La verdad que me emocioné mucho haciendo este outfit. Espero conseguir más cosillas en negro para hacer co*des en el futuro. (ノ*°▽°*)