Cutie cherry pie mauve co*de ♡ Weekly Coordinate Challenge

19 de junio de 2021

Hi, gals! ♡ Week six of the Himekaji Coordinate Challenge already! This took me longer than I thought haha. Some weeks I was just feeling well, other I just forgot this existed. But here it is! The prompt for this week is:

Create a coordinate using colors you don't normally wear

The color I chose for this prompt was mauve, which surprisingly I have! I don't like weating cold colors in general so I don't have much clothes like that. Plus my wardrobe has a really specific color palette so after thinking for a while I remembered I have these pieces I don't regularly wear and they're both mauve! 

Sweater: Ank Rouge
Cutie Cherry Pie Skirt: Ank Rouge
Shoes: Princess Melody

Funny thing I got that skirt because I'm collecting the Cutie Cherry Pie print but that color was definitely not one of my favorites.  But I also have the black version in a skirt and JSK which I love! And now that I've notice this color is not that bad I think I'll get the JSK in mauve as well because I found it casually not so long ago and it was pretty cheap. 

The shoes are from Princess Melody (I swear I thoguth they were from Ank Rouge as well!), but at this point, sometimes I just can't tell which brand is each thing. I can tell by the print but more general items are really hard for me. 

And the fuwa fuwa sweater is from Ank Rouge. I got it last year and showed them on the haul I posted on my Youtube channel but it wasn't until now I had the opportunity to wear it. I'm not a fan of the quality of that sweater to be honest.  Since it's brand I expected more but it's super synthetic so I have to be sure to wear it with a full cotton tee underneath. But well, it was extremely cheap so I can't complain. 

And this was my makeup! Isn't it cute?   I've actually updated a little bit my makeup again. YES. I'm wearing the third pair of lenses I got from AliExpress and I just noticed they're really similar to the Candy Magic 1-day I got before and I'm so happy! Because I only have 1 pair left of those.   I've also changed my lower lashes and I toned down the shadows. I think these way my makeup looks more polished and that's good. 

I made this look with Yaya. We got together last weekend to dress up and share some drinks and it was so fun! 🍻 I just adore her. I recommend you to check her looks. She's the best! 

And that was it for today. Hope you liked the code and during this week I'll be sharing the rest of the magazines I got. I already scanned the last Happie Nuts! Yay!  I also have to do a couple of CLs reviews. Jiji.


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  1. This is such an adorable outfit! I especially love the shoes 😍 I think the color is nice and gives a very wintery vibe 💖

    1. Thank yooou! ♡ I'm really enjoying planning new codes I never thought about before. (*/▽\*)