Gal's Life ♡ Beauty treatments & Elections day!

12 de junio de 2021

Hi, gals! (´꒳`)♡ Lately the days has been really crazy because of the presidential elections in my country and all the drama Netflix worthy that is still happening here so I decided to take some days free some creating content here, on zInstagram and Youtube. I also discovered my love for Tiktok and finally last weekend was the elections so I decided to dress up to motivate myself.

I first woke up super early because I had an appointment really early in the morning. I go to this laser hair removal center since like 3 years ago I think (I'm not sure exactly how many years). I go there every two months and this is already the third area I'm getting there. I really like it because it's the perfect excuse to get up early, dress up, do some shopping and still have a long day ahead to do a lot of things. Otherwise I would be waking up like at... Midday. 🥴

My dad drove me there because since the pandemic started I don't take public transportation. I think it's really dangerous and since I have asthma I have to be super careful.

One-piece: Ank Rouge
Cardigan: Ank Rouge
Shoes: Princess Melody
Mask: Local designer

After that it was still too early for me to go to vote (my turn was around 12~1 pm) so I remembered there was a café really close that center I could go. I went there with friends some years ago and they had delicious waffles and desserts!   But when I arrived the café didn't exist anymore.  Now it was a restaurant or bistro, something like that with many different asian dishes and some salads and pasta and just a little bit of everything. So I ordered some tea, salad and spring rolls.


At the end I ordered a pack with many siu mai as well to take away because it was time to go to vote and I wanted to give that as a present to the people in the center I was asigned. 

Here when we have elections, there are in different schools and universities where we have asigned an specific classroom to vote. Each classroom has hundreads of people voting and the responsibles are "volunteers" chosen by lot by the goverment to check everything is perfect the whole day, most of the time with no food, no water and this year was the first time they recieved a payment (which was almost nothing for all the things they have to do). They also received some cookies and water. It's just so unfair! Considering they have to expose themselves to tones of strangers.  That's why I brought pork dumplings to the three girls on my classroom because I arrived just at lunch time and they had no break. 

They were super bored and sad when I arrived. Nobody likes to be there all day in the middle of the winter. But whem I told them I had some warm snacks for them their faces changed drastically and they looked full of joy and emotions. I hope they liked the dumpligs!  

The university where I voted is huge but even like that it was crowded. I remember the previous elections were a mess (still with not that much people as this time though) and a couple of weeks after we hit the maximun amount of dead people because of COVID so I don't know what to expect now. At least in my family we're all safe at home. 


I also began to watch Sisyphus: The Myth with my dad and it's so cool! It's a sci-fy / romance / action K-drama with time travelers and and end of the world happenning. SO CRAZY. But so cool. 

And that's it. I just wanted this to be a casual short post about my co*de by ended up telling too much about my day. Haha. See you on the next post! I already made scans of the last Ane Ageha, so I'll be sharing that next probably later tonight! 


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  1. Oh wow, it sounds really tough to be one of those volunteers ;; it was so kind of you to bring them food! And the food looked sooo good as well!

    1. Yeah, it's so unfair. I was chosen once in the past but omg thanks god I got cancelled at last minute. I was terrified. (╥ω╥) It's really tough.

      Thank you for you comment! ♡