Happie Nuts Vol. 02 Summer 2021 ♡ Review & Highlights

25 de junio de 2021

Hi, Gals! ♡ How are you doing? I hope you're having a wonderful week with the best energy! Today I'll be sharing the next magazine of my last haul: Happie Nuts Vol. 02! This edition is the second one since their re-release and brings all the trends for summer. So sad here is winter. 😪
Find all the scans in high quality here:

Happie Nuts Vol. 02 - Summer 2021


Let's start with beauty because there's not much of that in this edition. Maybe they wanted to focus on fashion and lifestyle. Which make me sad because I feel they could me more makeup tutorials, or at least show more nails. 

In this edition we got one section of makeup tutorials. Some of them better than others. This two ones were my favorite, not really because they look super Gyaru, but because they were the most dramatic ones, the tans were cool and they look sexy. Like an Instagram baddie? Maybe. In general this issue breaths sexyness and that's something I really appreciate. It's like the Gyaru sexyness is there, the looks not so much. 

We also got a couple of hair tutorials that were not that great but is better than nothing and a page for nailart. Which again, went unnoticed.


This was the focus of the magazine. You will find hundreads of looks and inspiration for day, night, going out with your babies, everything.


The issue began with a bikini special named "Bikini summer trip".  A two-days trip where they show a lot of different bikinis and also resort looks. So you have options for the beach and also to chill around like a fashion turist. I'm so sad it's winter here haha. I really want to go swimming. 

The second special was for brands. I love that they included most of the classic old Onee brands, even if we know they don't look how they used to anymore. I think some looks were better than others, some too modest for the style, other ones too casual / baddie, because we can literally see the Instagram baddie influences in the current models, and some others had an odd boho chic reference on them. 

This twist Onee is having recentely is not one of my favorite but I appreciate in some cases is still full of attitud and sexyness. Specially with Natsune and Maaya. I really like how they model. I super like Pito and Katomika as well, but everytime I see looks on them I feel they need more burn on their eyes. They need to  SMIZE 

And I'm not kidding, you see the old Happie Nuts and you would have Osayo and Nicole just standing there but with a stare that could petrify your heart in less than one second. image The presence they had was fire! But the current models... They are pretty but I feel like they lack of that boldness. Am I crazy? 

Then we had another section I actually liked which was the Street Snaps! They were divided in two: Day and Night. The day one was divided also in two and portraited girls from Tokyo and Osaka which I find wonderful.  And the night one was for the magazine models. Most of the looks were to party, some of them more casual, others fancier. 

And I don't even think I need to mention this, but the main trends of this season were: Denim jeans and sleveless tops. Which I'm not sure if it's actually a trend, considering that it's summer and everybody wear that. I honestly don't know if it's like that everywhere, but many of the looks I see in this street snaps are just the normie looks people dress here. That kind of clothes is considered cheap and basic here so I could be having a cultural shock perhaps?  I don't want to be too harsh on the looks, so let me know what do you think about them! 


The next was for Gal mamas, which is a section I love! I adore the idea of being still being fashionista after being a mom because it's not always a possibility. This section was a mix of fashion and lifestyle. They interviewed Katomika who has a girl and Fuka who has two boys. 

Other fashion articles you'll find in this editiona are:

image Maaya's closet for spring / summer
image Instagrammer Checklist with their favorite accesories
image New EGOIST's diretor Hana and her stuff. I actually like their items print items!
image Looks under ¥ 15 000. There are actually some pretty affordable looks!
image Lingerie special


Let me be honest, this is a section I really liked! Even if I don't understand anything and it has a lot of information to read, there so many different things to experience, that it was refreshing to see it in a magazine. Compared to the previous magazine I scanned, the Ane Ageha, I find this one way more positive on terms of lifestyle.


We have this special that shows one day in Pito's life as a model and business woman. If you don't know, Pito is the director and owner of Bibid, a clinical salon aka. spa & beauty center. She also has her own brand called Alency, a swimwear brand. She shares her experience on her work, sports, personal and love life. If I'm not wrong she just got married. I think she's one of the ex EGGmo who succeed the most and really knew how to canalize her popularity to create her own business. 

The other two specials were Glaming or glam camping, which seemed to be really cool! I had another idea of glamping in my mind, but after seeing their pictures that looked really fun and as a amazing experience to do with friends! I would love to be sent glamping just for content. Lol.

And the third special was the ZEN SAUNA, where they share all the activities available in that sauna. Things like beauty sessions, sauna, meditation and even aereal yoga. I was particularly excited about that special because I love saunas and I've always wanted to do aereal yoga. I find it so so so cool. But I've never seen something like that in my country. 

Other articles were:

image Happie Nuts nouveau with Maaya, Katomika, An and Natsune
image Katomika's life story
image DJ Project with Ayaka, Kirei and Kana
image Nutsukiss, Happie Nuts dating reality show

Model Auditions & Specials

And this is the last part of the magazine! They had new model auditions and shared the contestants, finalists and winner can't wait to see on the next issue!


I honestly didn't like that much this audition. I feel like the on the EGG auditions, they didn't take in consideration gals who seem to be bolder on their style but probably it's also because this auditions are popularity contests as well. And don't kill me but I find the runner-ups cooler than the winners haha. 

There was also some pages for male models and even a "special" of one of those but I don't know, is looking like a Kpop idol trending now for men in Japan? It was pretty disappointing to see. But maybe you like them. You can see all the pages in high quality on Google Drive.


And that was the last Happie Nuts! Did you like it?  I found things I really liked and some others that definitely could be better. I can't help it but compare it with the old Happie Nuts which used to be one of my favorite magazines when I was a teenager. Sayoko Ozaki, Nicole Abe and Shizuka Takeda used to be my favorite models. And I always liked that even on the most simple looks they used to had such a strong presence when modeling! I don't see that talent on current models and that's what I miss the most.

I feel like even if many looks could perfectly work with generic Gyaru kei or Onee, the feel of the magazine is more towards Insta baddie looks, rather than Gyaru, but I also understand their focus now is Reiwa Gals / Gyau, so I can't expect that much from them. 

So I'm not sure if I'm going to keep buying this magazine. I think it would make more sense to work on collecting older issues because I have not even one old Happie Nuts! Not physical. All the Happie Nuts I have are scans I found so that would be a better investment. 

The only thing I really liked is lifestyle part because unlike the previous Ane Ageha it wasn't focus on dieting and being extra skinny. I feel the older gals are crazily focused on that and that triggers the hell out me. Meanwhile the current gals are more focused on exercising, which makes me happy. Doesn't mean they don't have cosmetic or beauty procedures, but the difference between the older and the current generation is BIG. 

That was all for today. Hope you liked this post! 
Time to sleep for me cause here it's 2:30 am!! 


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  1. I think I agree with you on this issue! Would be cool if there was a bunch of makeup tutorials with like a beach theme or something. I wasn't really feeling this issue but I am curious to see how it develops - Clairey

    1. OMG right! A beach theme for makeup would be so cool. Now that you mention that I think all the recent magazines haven't showed any themed tutorial, they're just regular makeup. :( Let's hope they get more creative next times.

  2. I love this happie nuts because for me it was all Ane gal and that 2013ish garula style it's been ages since Ane that got spotlighted that way but I agree it's got crossover with insta baddie in this reinterpretation. Baddie/sexy look isn't very popular round here anymore though, recently eveyone is natural with gen z baggy/sports clothes so it's nice to see it lives on in Japan.

    1. Oooh I didn't know that! Around here in Latinoamerica those baddie looks are trending along those sporty baggy jogger looks. Here I haven't seen any impact of GenZ aesthetics yet, but I mean, we're late for everything hahaha. I makes me happy to know this looks are better than I thought!

  3. Im going to try translate the "history of ane" section but it might take me a month!

    1. OMG YES PLEASE!! (⁄ ⁄>⁄ ▽ ⁄<⁄ ⁄)