Gal's Life ♡ Today's holidays! + Makeup Tutorial

30 de junio de 2021

Hi, gals! Today's just a casual blog post. ♡ I wasn't planning to post today but I suddenly had the opportunity to go out and from one moment to another I got super productive! 

Today (or well, yesterday~) we had holidays in my country, I don't know why, some religious stuff nobody celebrates here but obviously all holidays are more than welcomed. So my plan was to stay at home, rest a lot (because I REALLY need to rest) and if I had enough energy, I wanted to create some content. But at the end I woke up super late and decided to do nothing... Until my mom wanted to go out so I suddendly had to dress up and do my makeup! Which obviously was the perfect excuse to make some tiktoks! 


At first we thought about going out to have lunch but at last minute they changed the time and we had lunch at home but went out for dinner and chill along the boardwalk in Miraflores so Honey could have a walk as well. 

The night was super cold and it felt like drizzling at moments, but probably was just the sea. Even if it's always windy near the sea and really cold I love to walk there. It relaxes me so much!  There's also a space for skydiving but I've never had the opportunity to do it. YET.

Top: Evelyn
Cardigan: Ank Rouge
Skirt: Liz Lisa
Shoes + Accesories: AliExpress

Then we went for have something for dinner, so we choose a café close by that I really like! I went there on SHINee's anniversary as well and got some desserts for my family so we went there all together to eat them. Everything was so delicious! 

After that we went walking to Kennedy, that park with cats I mentioned in previous post and found some cool sculptures! I thought they were just painted cute mushrooms but apparently they're themed trees made with a special painting to clean the air. What a nice iniciative to include artists in! 


The last picture is called "Can you stop moving? I want to take a picture!" because yeah, we've had tons of earthquackes recentely. Last night was not the exception. Haha. 

Bonus! ♡

I made a small makeup tutorial while I was doing my makeup. And made some other Gyaru videos as well. You can watch them all on my Tiktok! Don't forget to follow me there. 

Lately I'm feeling really comfortable making videos there. It's way easier than Youtube and I don't have to spend days editing. I still have a bunch of videos to edit I hope I can do it soon.  Seeing all I have to do makes me so anxious I end up doing nothing. But I hope I can find motivation because I really like Youtube as well. 

And that's it for today! See you on the next blog post! It's going to be the EGG scans. image


3 comentarios

  1. Gracias por publicar el tutorial del make! Sin lugar a dudas lo voy a probar, me encanta el resultado! <3333

    1. Yesss ya quiero verte con ese maquillaje. <3

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