New Gets! (♡°▽°♡) Tarte Cosmetics haul

14 de julio de 2021

Hi, gals! ♡ Today I received my order from Tarte Cosmetics and since it's the first time I'm odering from them I'm super excited. That's why I decided to do a casual blog post with my ned gets. Have you ordered from there before? 

I got 2 sets, 1 stick and got another set as a present. I'm surprised of how fast the package took to arrive because I made the other last week and today the post man called me to receive it. The only "bad" thing is that the delivery is expensive, a little but more than US$ 20, but considering is Express Shipping through DHL Express is perfectly fine. I was also afraid I would have to pay taxes for that, because here DHL Express has a US$ 10 tax for all orders but surprisinly I didn't have to pay anything extra.

@jessiepaege x tarte let it rain-bow eye set 

US$ 19 (link)

This is the first eye set I got. Which was from their Pride Collection. I really wanted to try an eyeshadow palette from Tarte so I choose a palette I could use for many different looks.

The eyeshadows are not chalky either creamy, just regular ones and when you apply them the color is super vibrant. I made a TikTok video doing some swatches but after a couple of hours the pigmentation went more subtle. I'll try again with brushes and primer or concealer to see how they perform. Considering that Tarte is well knwon for those products I gues I'll have to give it a try that way. 

sugar rush™ slumber party skincare duo

US$ 13 (link)

The next set I got is this duo of face cleanser and body butter cream. I haven't try them yet and I don't really expect that much of this products. I got got them to include them as cute products on my skincare routine and to pamper myself a little. Their texture is really good and even if I don't usually consume products with fragance, the face wash smells soooo good. 

sugar rush™ sparkler shadow sticks

US$10 (link)

Ok, this is an item I really waned to get. I've been trying different products to do my eyebags and white shadows are a no-no at this point. I prefer liquid shadows for that but I saw this shadow stick and I had to try it! I made that swatch on my hand and after that I washed my hads and wash the dishes and the color is still perfect. I'm shooked! 

birthday set

free (link)

And last but definitely not least I got this birthday set for the anniversary of Tartalette, a subbrand from Tarte. And yes! I have two eyelash mascaras that are the same haha. I guess I'll give my mom the other one.

I also swatched the blush and the color is super pretty but natural. So I'll check how vibrand it can look on my face because I definitely don't wear natural blush. I like it to look like a explosion on my face!

♡ Bonus! Swatches ♡


New gets! ✨ And my first time buying from @tartecosmetics yay! Made a blog post with all the details.

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  1. oooo I love this brand! I always wanted to get something from them. That palette looks so cute!!! Hope we get to see all the colors in your looks!

    1. Yesss I want to try colorful makeup looks! <3 You should try! They have really good discounts from time to time, that's actually why I decided to try this time haha.

  2. *_* me llaman mucho la atención los packagings con esos colores tan vivos! Y la paleta se ve súper veraniega :3 ganas de ver tus looks usando esos colores tan bonitos!

    Un besito Reila! <3 prometo volver a ser un poco más activa con el blog ;O; que llevo unas semanas con una pereza tremenda encima y no me apetece ni arreglarme casi -___- no tengo remedio :')

    1. Awww espero que encuentres tu motivación para que puedas seguir arreglándote. ;; También tengo mis temporadas en las no quiero nada con la vida. ♡♡♡