Ank Rouge ♡ 2015 S/S Collection - Candy Shop Girl

7 de mayo de 2021

Hi, gals! Since last year aprox I've been building my wardrobe with my fav Ank Rouge prints (cherries and strawberries). I like them on Liz Lisa too, but there's somthing about Ank Rouge prints that make them look so fresh and cute! So with that in mind, I started to get their catalogues to trace the items I wanted to get and inspire myself to make more co*des! And following that today I share with you the Candy Shop Girl Collection ~ One of my very favorite ones! ♡

This collection is from 2015 but I actually thought it was older. I don't know why I thought Ank Rouge was an older brand but they actually started in 2010. It's not that much! They appeared during the first Himekaji boom. And since then they had a pretty neat and cute aesthetic, but at the same time kind of casual and naughty. I don't know how to explain that but I love it! 

These ones are the main co*des from their web and for this collection the trends were: 

 Cherry and strawberry prints in JSKs and skitrs. 
 Gingham patterns made inspired.
 The main colors were white, pink, red and black.
 And they add denim and skyblue fabrics. 

And if you think about it, they still work under those trends but renewing them every collection. They also have this concept of having two kinds of clothes until now: Romantic and Casual ones. So you're going to see more fancy looks, more informal ones and also a nice mix. 

The main model of this collection was Okarie, who I didn't recognize at all. She used to be Ank Rouge's main model just before Risa Nakamura. She shares some of the books she's reading (or leading ) along beauty tricks like:

 Lip scrub is good for dryness and you should also moisturize them.
 She uses this metal roller for a lift-up effect on her face. 
 She also has a steamer that she uses for 10~20 min after shower to make her sin plumper.
 And of course is good to moisturize your body too. 

Then we have a makeup tutorial which... I can't lie. I don't like her makeup.  But I'm biased towards Gyaru so just skip my comments about her natural igari look. I usually like to wear a lot of blush, but you have to be careful about that because that could make your dark circles pop up even more. Or not even your dark circles but this lines that I call "Itachi expression lines" just under your eyes that makes you look like you didn't sleep for a week.  I don't know if that's the goal but I have them naturally and I feel really self conscious about them.  /cries.

Then we have the main photoshoot with the collection. I just wanted to stop here to adore the first three looks. The Cutie Cherry Pie print is one of my ultimate favorites and I really want to get those red summer sandals. I haven't found them in my size yet so I cry. 

Can we talk about how pretty are those accesories? Recently one of my booms is red details like shoes and bags because I don't have them.   So this catalogue is a torture for me and a checklist of all the things I want to get.

Prista: Ank Rouge Princess Staff

I'll make a stop here to talk about this section I found incredibly cute. (´・ω・`) Prista Blog is the space for Ank Rouge shop staff to share their thoughts and feelings about working for the brand.  They say this catalogue was the first time they actually had a photoshoot to introduce themselves and share a little bit about their work. 

They share experiences like traveling from one city to another to work in Ank Rouge and achieve their dreams, how important is to look cute but being nice as well and that you should not run away but face the changes and work hard to be the person you want to be. 

I can't translate everything they say but they did a 24 hours with Prista where they share a day in their lives. It's divided in 5 sections where they talk about: Their fav cosme products, what they do at work, the food they bring for lunch, their fav spot to take pictures and what's their skincare routine.  

Then we have my favorite part of this catalogue: Hairstyles!  Today the concept was "Cute Adult" and to be honest, all of them look really cute and easy to do, and I really appreciate that. I'm definitely going to try some of them.

And this is how the catalogue ends.  I was not sure about doing an actual review about this catalogue because it's not a magazine, but it had so much content if we have to compare it with other smaller ones with only photoshoots that I wanted to translate some parts and talk about it. 

Would you like me to scan more Ank Rouge or Liz Lisa catalogues? I really enjoy talking about their trends and such so we could get some cool finds in other issues. Let me know in the comments and see you on the next post! 


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  1. Wooow tysm for sharing with us all those scans! Like you, the part I liked the most was the hairstyle section! Honestly, I like much more Ank Rouge than Liz Lisa! Idk why, but I find the prints and, in general, the clothes and accessories from AR more cute and beautiful! So... I want to see more Ank Rouge catalogues! <3

    1. Thank you! ♡ I actually have a hard time trying to choose one of those. I could say Liz Lisa is my fav brand but my dream iteams are from Ank Rouge hahaha. Dos marcas, un caminooo ~~~~

  2. I would love to see more Ank Rouge and Liz Lisa catalogue reviews/posts!!! Reading your thoughts and commentary was really interesting! :)