🌻 Para Para Club 🌻 dance meetup!

5 de mayo de 2021

Hi, Gals! (*/▽\*)♡ If you thought going out to celebrate my birthday was all I did last weekend, you're wrong. Oopsie! In the Gal comm we have a Discord server where we chat and have activities from time to time and there are many clubs, but I must say the most active one is the Para Para Club, a club where I'm the leader and after being on hiatus for some time (because being active on the 109 server is exhausting too, that's why Discord is not for everyone) I thought it would be nice to pay more attention to our channel. And that's how we had this Para Para meetup!

Dress & Accesories: Liz Lisa
Flowy comfy dress to dance!

Last year, when the club was created we had a couple of meetups to dance together, but after that I got inactive on the server and the club was inactive too. It wasn't until the ギャル ❤ ParaPara!! International Project happened that I really thought I would like to incorporate Para Para more and more this year to my Gyaru life so I came back to the club and for my surprise there were some gals active there too. So talking there we decided to get together last weekend to dance. 

We had some time to check the routines we wanted to dance. Routines I didn't have enough time to learn tbh, but I already knew some of them. 
 If you want to dance that set list, you can find it here


And finally the day arrived! So for the Para Para Club meetup I joined Wib, Caly, Error and Nuch.  The day was super fun and we got to talk, laugh and sweat together. We should dance more often! Dancing Para Para is harder than it looks, and you really end up training your arms to have super fit and cute ones.  You even have to take breaks and drink water. But the top top top of the day were two routines that blowed our minds because they were hard to dance: Never gonna let you go and Stay the night. I super recommed the second video if you want to do cardio! 🥵 So that was our day together! ♡

I still feel I should rise my energy during calls because it's really hard for me to socialize in groups , specially when I'm with gals I am really looking forward to meet or when I'm with people who have super high energy so I'll do my best next time and I'll drink more energizers! I promise next meetup will be more fun! 

See you on the next post! Now it's time to sleep. 


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  1. Aww, y'all look great! Reading the post has made me want to learn new routines and participate in a future event! xD

    1. Thank yooou! (♡°▽°♡)
      You should y si tienes alguna rutina que te gustaría bailar la próxima que nos juntemos, nos la compartes para incluirla. ♡