Gal's Life ♡ SHINee's 13th anniversary

25 de mayo de 2021

I know I already did a post about my lunch to celebrate SHINee anniversary but since today's the original day I was like: Ok, no. I still have too much energy and motivation for them! ♡\( ̄▽ ̄)/♡ So after finishing my work I decided to watch some of my favorite programs with them and decided to order some desserts because I'm that kind of person who needs to eat something while watching videos haha.


I ordered some alfajores and strawberry cheesecake and made some black coffee (because I'm not really a tea person). And that's when I thought: let's make a blog post about this! Haha. I was already so distracted thinking about these boys I din't changed to my personal laptop and stayed with the one from work. Lol. Just noticed that when I edited my pictures and noticed the laptop is black. 😓

Today I watched one the the last episodes of Knowing Brothers with SHINee, I think this is the first  time they're all together after Minho, Key and Onew came back from the military service, so they had a lot of stories to tell. This guys are just hilarious, have really strong personalities and since SHINee are already veterans on the industry they basically do whatever they want on variety shows. Lmao.

So happy anniversary to my boys!  

I can't believe it's already 13 years. It's basically half of my life that I've veen following them. I literally grew up with them (and we're even around the same age). I really hope they stay together for a long time. ;; 


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