Hanging out + Celebrating SHINee's 13th Anniversary

24 de mayo de 2021

So after staying at home for a long time I finally went out to see a friend for the best reason possible: SHINee's 13th anniversary is today! So we got together in advance to talk, eat and have fun. 

So we got together on Kennedy and wanted to go to Homemade, a cute and pink restaurant I really like but it was full of people and I'm still paranoid af. So we decided to move to Tanuki, a Japanese resturant and didn't visit for years but I remembered it was good. 

The day was absurdly cold so I ordered a tonkotsu ramen to start. But we also ordered gyoza and yaki udon to share. At the end I didn't eat the udon tho, I was too full but it looked so good. /cries. 

We also talked a lot about SHINee, their comming activities, their event for their main anniversary,  but since Taemin is the last one to go to military service this year, they already started with their Japanese anniversary already and the merch is all on the Japanese site. I'm not going to lie, I want everything so bad. But specially the small stuff I like to collect. They have released a badge with a movement sensor that glows then you open the door, so it's like they're saying welcome when you come back home. Isn't that cute?!  And they also have some other little things like cards and keychains from SHINee's bistro but the cutest things are the mugs, table mats and mittens to cook. Haha.

Then we went to a café because I'm always in need of coffee and also got some desserts for my grandma. So I took the opportunity to take some photos lol. 

And we ended the day walking around Kennedy, watching the cats (because the Kennedy park is knwon for having a lot of cats all over the place so you can choose one a adopt with the organization that is taking care of them). image

Kids not allowed. Only cats. Hahaha. 

And after that I bought some sweets to eat during the week but to be honest I'm already eating the last ones. Sweets never last in this house. 

Dress: Liz Lisa
Cardigan: Liz Lisa (Replica)
Coat and shoes: Local brand

And this was my outfit today! I just received this dress last week and it is one of my dream dresss from Liz Lisa. The shape, the print, the details...Everything is just perfect.  The only bad thing is that it's really thin so I had to wear it with a cardigan because here is already winter. But I'm really happy I wore it in this special date.

Do you like any Kpop group? In my case SHINee is the only group I follow since their debut. image image


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