EGG Beauty Spring 2012 ♡ Review & Highlights

31 de mayo de 2021

Hi, gals! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° Welcome to another review and highlights. This time thanks to Emmie we have the scans of the special mook EGG Beauty Spring 2012 with all the beauty trends of the era: Makeup, hair, nails, accesories and more with our favorite gal models.
And don't forget to say thank you! to Emmie on her Twitter.

For this edition, the cover girl was Nemoyayo and I love her looks so much! Is it me or she has a huge influence from Ayumi?  She has more shots with short hair and they really look a like. I love old looks from Nemoyayo, she was a bomb! 

This edition had many sections, most of them makeup related, so I'm going to be talking about almost all of them. 

1. Makeup Tutorials


If you are a baby gal or want to improve your eyeshape or you're not sure about the eyelashes you're wearing, this edition is going to be extra good for that. Here you'll find tons of makeup tutorials from more than 20 different models. 

This mook is divided in two sets of models: 

image Regular models: Imai Hana, Yunchan, Manya, Yumachi, Kanako, Liho Kate, Gugu, Yunkoro, Rina, Ayame, Mami, Mipochi, Minyatochi & Romihi

image JK models: Sakukkuma, Serikamacho, Nana Saki, Risa Gunji, Mikko, Aya, and more I wasn't able to translate her names because they were in Japanese. I'm sorry!

I'm sure you probably recognize many of them, specially because most of them were really popular not only in EGG, but in Ageha, Popteen and even Soul Sister. So this is a really complete issue for different styles.


For the regular models they focused on eyelashes and eyeshapes. You will find a chart with all their eyelash combos I find incredibly useful. So here I share with you all the eyelash brands you'll find. Many of those I've never heard about so it's really refreshing to see more brands to try.
  • Diamond Lash
  • Dolly Wink
  • Twinkle Lash
  • Value Pack
  • Nature is Lovely
  • Decorative Eyelash
  • Jewerich
  • D.U.P Eyelashes
  • Fairy Lash
  • Pricess Tiara
  • Eyemazing


For the JK section we also see how they create their eyeshape. They have a special named "Gal Make Lesson" where you will find step by step the makeup of some of this gals and their products too. Plus, I'm super biased towars Serikamacho, I really like her old looks so I'm more than happy with her tutorial. 


Another part that I enjoyed super much were all the details about the products the models wear. They have two articles, one where they show the makeup they have on the makeup bag. And another one which is a chart or products for base makeup. You will find all the 20 main models showing which products they have for primer, foundation and powders. So if you're loking for those, this is going to help a lot. 

2. Hairstyle tutorials


In this mook we also find some hair tutorials from popular salons among gals like Ism, Carry, Lapis, Risel XOXO, and Ankh Cross. They still exist and they're not only for hair but for nails too. So I recommend you to check some of their accounts because their work is amazing! And you can find a lot of hair inspiration. 

image Souta (Lapis Creative Director): @lapis_sota 
image Anju (Lapis Hair stylist): @lapis_anju
image Kouki (Lapis Store Manager): @lapis.kouki
image Natsumi (Lapis Store Manager): @lapis_natsumi
image Ism (Official Account): @hair_ism
image Risel XOXO (Official Account): @risel.official
image Samon (Risel Representative): @risel_samon
image Shota (Risel Hair stylist): @sho_ta0830
image Ryota (Risel Hair stylist): @ryotayunoki
image Ankh Cross (Official Account): @ankhcross_official
image Andy (Ankh Cross Hair stylist): @kei0926

3. Nail art


And for the nail section they only had this two pages, which made me really sad. I was expecting to see more inspo and many kinds of designs, but I also now there are other mook specials dedicated only to nails like Nail Up! or Nail Venus. I have some of those scans so I could make a review any time soon. Uhm~ 

4. Miscellaneous

And between specials there were other diferent articles like sunglasses special, a Nemoyayo's special, they also talk about Mami's diet to be that skinny (I don't really like those kinds of articles because old magazines used to be extremely fatphobic ), Kanako's Taremake, the classic purikura section, free talk aka. animal talk section and at the end there is one I really like. It's called "Present for you" and I'm not sure if it's about the gifts to can give to gals or just thing you should get fro yourself, but they have a ranking of recommended products to improve your Gyaru style. Products like: Body lotion, nail sets, kigurumi, wigs, makeup or  a barrel curling iron (which is something I really need!). 


In overall I think this is a perfect edition for baby gals who are trying to figure it out their makeup style and depending on that they can move to the magazines that are more ad hoc to them.  For example, if you like Romihi, you can go to EGG and Scawaii. If you like Ayame & Mipochi, you can go to Soul Sister. If you like Serikamacho (like me) you can go to Popteen, EGG or later Koakuma Ageha. Or if you like Yunkoro (also like me) you can go to Ranzuki, EGG and Ane Ageha in that order. Many of these gals started with really classic styles but evolved to many styles like Amekaji, Rokku, Ane, Onee, etc.

And the only thing that I'd like to see more is hair variety.  I know around that year blond / light brown hair was a boom so we only see two gals with a different style: Ayame (because she has really really short hair and even like that she was blonde lmao) and another JK gal I don't know her name with red hair.  However when we see the purikura, there are still many yamanba girls with wigs and colorful hairs. I would like to see them on tutorials too. 

What do you think about this special edition? 


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