RinRin Doll Makeup & Styling Workshop

28 de mayo de 2021

Hi, Gals! ♡( ◡‿◡ ) Last weekend was full of activities and fun and one of the things I did was joining last Rinrin's workshop about makeup. There were three workshops, but I joined only the second one about Current Harajuku Makeup Trends, which I found super interesting!

The event was last saturday at 8 pm, which was perfect because I went out that day and at first I calculated bad the time zone and I thought I was going to be late. But everything was ok. I bought my ticket to attend on Fake Star's online shop and each workshop was US$ 30. It was definitely not cheap but considering it was RinRin leading the workshop I think it was ok. I would've liked to find a bundle price for the three workshops though.

They also told us in advance which makeup products we were going to need and sent a cute chart to plan our looks in the future.  They also sent us the Zoom information and I honestly was really excited to meet RinRin because even if I'm not into Lolita, I really like her and her looks.

So in this post I want to share with you all I learned on this workshop.

Current Harajuku Makeup Trends with RinRin Doll

1. Base makeup

We started with primer, foundation and blush. I did the first two as usual but the blush was a complete different story. We learned this technique called Driping which is basically to contour the sides of your face with blush. RinRin mentioned this technique is really popular among Haraujuku girls and is highly connected with Menhera / Jirai kei. Bronze contour is not trending right now, so it's all about looking pale with a splash of color.  The main ones are red and pink.

Then we connected the blush contour (from cheekbones to the brow bone) with red eye shadows all over the eyelid. Just one single color. And the next thing the doing our eyebrows. For this there's no one specific way to do it, but having soft thin eyebrows are still a thing so choosing colors like grey or light brown (honey or ashy blond) would be a good idea. As far as I can remember RinRin didn't mention an specific shape for the eyebrows, so I just draw them as usual and added eyebrow mascara at the end to light them a little bit.

2. Eyes 

Then we continued with eyes and we just added a lot of highlight on the inner corners of our eyes and on the eyebags.  Having puffy eye is super popular that's why you're going to see many girls with super big ones. Some of them look better than others but to be honest, even in Gyaru I find it pretty hard to do because it's not that easy to have a clean and polished finish. But I'll keep trying because I reaaaaally like it! 

Then we added glitter.  RinRin told us there are many kinds of glitter girls in Japan wear. The most common are the regular powder shadows, but liquid shadows are gel shadows can be found too. The more glitter you have, the best. In fact, all the eye shadows we're using are supposed to be shimmery but sadly I didn't have those ones in pink so I wore matte ones.

Then for eyeliner we have 2 steps. First with dark brown shadows and a tiny brush we would line our eyes to give depth and then we would line them. We could wear brown or black eyeliner, I only have black so I wore than one. As you may know, marker liners are the most popular in Japan but for me they're really hard to manipulate so I wore my regular liquid liner. 

And under on the outter lower lash line we added more red shadows. RinRin mentioned she doesn't really shade her eyes with brown eye shadows, but with red to make her eyes look puffier. And finally we lined our eyebags with brown liner too (however it could be done with red as well). I did it with a pencil because I didn't have brown liquid liner. 

Another thing RinRin mentioned is that cat eyelines are a thing right now in Harajuku. It doesn't have to be super big, but doing a wing that goes upwards is more popular than the classic droopie line we're used to in Gyaru. Actually I really really thought that eyeline was popular because Himena Ousaki is now into those Jirai kei looks and her eyeline is really droopy and big, but apparently in general is not really a thing. 

We also learned this kind of shape comes from Chinese makeup. There is a makeup style called Chiborg (Chinese + Cyborg) where girls also have this cat eye, that make their eyes look slender and bigger with strong eyebags. I never heared of this term before so I googled it to know more about it and I think she was talking about this kind of makeup.

First photo is from Tim Vincent. Second photo from おふみ(谷口 布実)

3 Lips

And as you may see, red lipstick is a boom right now. It's all about looking pale with strong red shades on top, so plumpy lips are a must. They're not super to be a flat color, but a gradient to make it look like your lips are tinted or what I call "just kissed". 

And finally we just have to add eyelashes, circle lenses and our makeup is ready! image

About eyelashes, they're not as common as they were in the past. What RinRin said is that in other styles or just regular makeup, people don't do that much and girls don't wear eyelashes. This trendy make we did is more for special ocassions, to go out or to take pictures. But on daily life girls wouldn't really put that much makeup on, however when they dress up, they could. And the best option for lashes could be some dolly ones. image  Not too thick but those ones that are longer in the middle and shorter on the edges so that would give you a rounder feel on the eyes. I went with my regular lashes that probably are too thick for this look and hey! It looks nice! 

So that was the almost final look! Because we added one extra thing the end very end and that was: Highlighter!  Nose contouring is not that common, you can see those Jirai girls still taking those super white pictures where their noses are almost imperceptible, but I love nose contour so I did it anyways and added highlighter on my nose. But what everyones else actually did is just highlighting their cheekbones.


And ta-dah!  This was the result. After finishing our makeup, we got to talk for some minutes and RinRin was super nice and kind. It was fun because this was supposed to be heavy makeup but for us, as gals, it's not actually. So we were laughing about that.  I was not really sure about how I felt of looking like this but RinRin liked it and complemented my look so I felt better. 

I think I really like the shape and I would like to practice more the eyebags to get that chiborg feel but with Gyaru makeup. I think if I add lower lashes could be a really cute look for Himekaji!  What do you think?

For this look I also made a new co*de which I'll be blogging about next! It's my sixth day of the Himekaji Coordinate Challenge and the prompt is to mix two styles. Can you guess which ones I mixed?

You can find the next events coming on RinRin's Instagram account


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  1. This look was really cute and surprisingly simple! I'll have to give it a try myself, it looks gorgeous on you 😍

    1. Thank yooou! I'm sure it will look extra cute on you! ♡